What to make from a jar? 6 ideas

What to make from a jar? 6 ideas
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Do you buy preserves often? Do you have jars that you haven’t reused? You do not have to throw them away! We suggest what to do with a jar and how to use it creatively!

A jar in the kitchen – some inspirations

A jar can stay in your kitchen as a beautiful decoration. See how you can use it.

A jar for sweets

The first idea is to make a jar for sweets. Just decorate it with even traditional paper (preferably technical) and cut out the shape of your choice so you can see what’s inside.

Spice jars

The simplest use, of course, is for storing spices. You can set the jars on the counter, hang them, or place them in a drawer.

Containers for nuts

Not sure how to store nuts? Now you have a way to do it! Use jars and make sure they look good. For example, you can replace the lids with identical ones or label them with special markers.

Other Jar Decorations

Activity Jars

Buttons, building blocks and other odds and ends can also be stored in jars. How do you make them look different? Simply spray paint the lids one color. That’s not all. If you have interesting figurines, you can attach them to the lid with hot glue and then paint the whole thing. See how it looks.

Jars for beauty products

Jars come in handy in the bathroom too. You can put cosmetic pads or even brushes in them

DIY lanterns

You can also prepare DIY lighting from jars. Just decorate the outside of the jar with jute twine beforehand.

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