Discover the magical properties of salt in… home!

Discover the magical properties of salt in… home!
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It turns out that salt can have more uses than just improving the taste of dishes and meals. It has cleaning, disinfecting, sanitizing and antiseptic properties. So it is ideal for cleaning, restoring and removing stains from various surfaces

Sodium chloride, or table salt as we all know it, can have many functions in our home. If you have it in stock, you don’t have to buy many cleaning products, because it can work wonders with household cleaning, just like baking soda. Don’t know what to do with a burnt iron, wine stains or dirty curtains? The following article will show you how versatile salt can be

Table salt as a cleaning agent

Cleaning, especially difficult to clean surfaces such as burnt pots or coffee stains, will be much easier with salt. On what surfaces and in what situations is salt excellent?

  • Thanks to its disinfectant properties, salt is ideal for cleaning cutting boards, especially wooden ones. The boards absorb a lot of odors and carry a lot of bacteria. Sometimes a simple cleaning with water and dishwashing liquid may not be enough to clean the board after cutting onions, for example. The way to do this is to rub a little salt into the damp bottom to have a fresh and bacteria-free cutting board.
  • Removes discoloration from coffee and tea. These hot brews are very popular in our homes, but they tend to leave behind dark marks on mugs, cups, spoons or brewing utensils. When we want to bring back the old shine to our dishes and cutlery, it is a good idea to apply a paste of salt and a little water, and then scrub the stained surfaces thoroughly.
  • Scorched pots are the bane of many a person who cares about tidiness and cleanliness at home. Some burns are so severe that it takes several minutes to bring the pot or pan back to use. By using salt in cleaning such dishes, we can save time and nerves. Just pour a solution of salt and water to the burnt pot, in the following proportion: 2 tablespoons of salt to 1 liter of water. Leave the pot with the concoction to soak, preferably overnight, then put it on the burner and boil water with salt. A pot prepared this way can easily be cleaned to perfection.
  • Cleaning glass glasses or vases can be very difficult if you do not know how to avoid the formation of stains on the smooth walls. With the use of salt this activity will become child’s play. Soak glass dishes in heavily salted water, preferably for a longer period of time, and then wash them thoroughly with dishwashing liquid

Tricks with salt

Salt can be used not only as a cleaning agent. Its effect can be used when preparing ice cubes. Before putting an ice cube tray into the freezer, sprinkle salt on the bottom of it. That way the container won’t freeze to the drawer and you can easily take it out of the freezer. This patent is great in the winter when you don’t want to let the glass freeze. Just wipe it beforehand with a cloth dipped in salted water

Salt – thanks to the fact that it absorbs odors – can be a lifesaver in a situation when something spills on the stove top or in the oven. What escaped from the pot or tin should be sprinkled with salt to stop the process of further burning

Salt is also used in gardening. It is corrosive in nature, so it is worth using it as a weedkiller. Just sprinkle salt on unwanted plants to get rid of them and hinder their growth – and that’s it.

Salt works well as a laundry detergent; thanks to it you can restore the white color of tablecloths and curtains, especially if they have already turned grey. Thanks to a salt rinse, cotton curtains will stay fresh longer and their structure will be more rigid. Simply soak the fabrics in a salt solution for 24 hours and then wash them in the washing machine. You can also use a little salt in the rinse, but get an even better result

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