Stretch marks on legs – how to fight them? What is the most effective?

Stretch marks on legs – how to fight them? What is the most effective?
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Stretch marks on the body are related to the stretching of the skin, which cannot keep up with the dynamic changes – as a result, the skin cracks

The process of stretch mark formation may be related to excessive weight gain, pregnancy or may occur during adolescence. White or red scars often appear on the abdomen, back, buttocks or just legs. This is especially problematic in the summer when we wear shorts and short skirts. How to deal with this problem?

Unfortunately, there is no method that will completely get rid of stretch marks from our body. However, there are a number of methods that can reduce their visibility and inhibit the appearance of new scars. The key to success will be proper diet, physical activity and use of cosmetics and preparations recommended by cosmetologists to treat stretch marks. Some people opt for laser stretch mark removal, which is performed in a beauty salon. Check which solution will be best for you!

Stretch marks on legs – the causes of their formation

Some people are more prone to the appearance of stretch marks on their body. Undoubtedly, this group includes people with obesity, pregnant women and teenagers during puberty. The direct causes of stretch marks are changes in the body’s hormonal balance and rapid weight gain

The skin, which has limited ability to stretch, begins to crack, which in turn leads to the formation of cavities and scars on thighs, buttocks, abdomen or even breasts. Stretch marks can also be caused by rapid muscle mass gain and often affect men who work out intensively at the gym

How to combat stretch marks on legs?

Stretch marks on legs are skin changes that are difficult to hide, especially during the summer heat or when visiting the pool. Unsightly-looking scars can cause a loss of self-confidence and avoid wearing clothes that expose calves and thighs. Can they be eliminated and you can enjoy exposing your legs?

Red stretch marks on legs

Stretch marks are skin defects caused by excessive stretching of the skin. In the first stage they are usually red scars, which with proper care can disappear. It is important to react quickly to the problem and regularly use cosmetics that are designed for this type of skin changes

It is worth using preparations that have natural active ingredients in their composition. When fighting stretch marks, a very important factor in improving the appearance of the skin is a deep moisturizing. When choosing a cream for stretch marks, it is worth paying attention that the cosmetic is to be used on already formed skin changes . In the offer of pharmacies and drugstores you can find many items that act as prevention against the formation of stretch marks, these types of products may be ineffective when the cavities have already appeared on the skin.

White stretch marks on legs

Red stretch marks turn white at the next stage, then they resemble the appearance of longitudinal scars. Stretch marks in this form are difficult to eradicate. Treatments performed in beauty salons, where a special laser is used to combat stretch marks on the legs, can be helpful. Unfortunately, stretch mark removal sessions are quite expensive and require several visits to a beautician for the effect to be satisfactory

The best way is to notice the problem early and react to stretch marks. Quickly starting to lubricate stretch marks with the right creams and preparations can help the skin to regenerate effectively. Proper nutrition will also help in the fight against stretch marks, a very important aspect is daily hydration of the body

The elasticity of the skin can also be improved by regular physical activity. Jogging, cycling or walking for several minutes can have a positive effect on improving the appearance of the skin on legs. It is also worth using products that serve as preventive measures and protect the skin against new stretch marks

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