Filtered or tap water – which is healthier?

Filtered or tap water – which is healthier?
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As many as 60% of Poles doubt that tap water is healthy. There is also no shortage of negative myths about filtered water. What is it like with this water? We dispel the doubts.

Over the last years the quality of water in our taps has significantly improved. This is due to the modernization of water treatment plants and water supply systems carried out by municipalities. As a result, the tap water is actually drinkable. If, despite this, the tap water in your home doesn’t taste very good, it’s probably the fault of the old pipes it comes out of.

Is tap water healthy?

Numerous regular tests confirm that the water coming out of the waterworks is chemically and microbiologically pure and of good quality. However, if the pipes in our house or in the housing estate where we live have not been replaced for many years, then the water coming out of them may significantly lose quality. During the long journey through the old pipes, harmful compounds such as lead and copper may appear in the water. What is more, in such a case the water may also become hard, which is the cause of scale formation that negatively affects the taste of water.

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Is filtered water healthy?

In case the tap water is unfit for drinking after having gone through the old installation in the place of our residence, the solution is a filter

Mechanical filters

Mechanical filters are considered the safest for our health. These filters trap all major impurities such as sand, silt, and sludge and do not catch the water of minerals

Carbon cartridge filters

Carbon cartridge filters used in water filtration pitchers are becoming increasingly popular. They remove chlorine and organic contaminants, herbicides and pesticides. Some cartridges also have germicidal properties.

Reverse osmosis filters

These filters are characterized by the highest efficiency in water purification. For a long time, however, these filters were viewed with suspicion. Research has confirmed that reverse osmosis filters are safe for our health. These filters work in a similar way to pitcher filters – they are also based on carbon filters, but due to their size they provide a more thorough purification. Reverse osmosis filters allow drinking of medium mineralized water, which is considered to be rich in valuable ingredients and close to nature.


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