How to wash a down jacket?

How to wash a down jacket?
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In autumn and winter down jackets are the basic element of clothing. Not only do they provide great warmth but they are also extremely light. Despite the fact that we take care of it all the time, after winter there comes a time to refresh it. In this article we present how to properly wash a down jacket.

Can I wash my down jacket in a washing machine?

Although down is a great material that insulates us from the cold, it can quickly deteriorate. Unfortunately, it is very susceptible to moisture and if it is slightly wet it may mold inside the jacket. What is more, if it is not washed properly it may cause the down to crumble and lose its isolating properties. Is it worth washing a down jacket in a washing machine? Of course it is. What is more, washing it allows to restore the down loft and prolong its life. Before washing, however, a washing machine should be specially prepared. First of all, you should clean its feeder and lingering detergent residues. Unfortunately, but even small amounts of standard powder can negatively affect a garment

How to wash a down jacket – step by step guide

Below we explain how to wash a down-filled jacket. Don’t be discouraged at first, it’s not that difficult at all. If you are wondering if you need to clean your jacket after the winter season, the answer is yes, you do. Keep in mind that your jacket may have battered padding when you pull it out of the washing machine, this is nothing to worry about. Proper drying will return it to its natural state

  1. If you want to properly wash your down jacket and not destroy it, at first you need to thoroughly clean the washing machine of lingering detergents. They are mostly responsible for destroying the fabric and down of the outerwear. Thoroughly wash the powder container, and then turn on an empty washing machine to clean itself
  2. Choose the right detergent. Down tolerates laundry quite well, but synthetic fabrics do not, so it is extremely important to choose the right detergent. It has to be dedicated to washing down clothes, regardless of whether your jacket has natural or synthetic filling. The products we recommend include Nikwax, Jack Wolfskin, Mauntval or Grenders. You can also use mild detergents, such as those made by White Deer. Remember to check the filling of your jacket before buying detergent. For water repellent down, only Nikwax Down Wash Direct will work
  3. Prepare your jacket. Check all the pockets and remove any small items. Then zip them up and close the main zipper. This includes all available fasteners such as velcro, buttons and press studs. Turn the jacket inside out. This will prevent damage to the zippers
  4. When you put the jacket into the washing machine, it should be heavier. Otherwise, the program will not rinse it properly. Soak it in lukewarm water and then compress it. This will reduce the risk of the down breaking when you wash it. If there is more visible dirt on the fabric, you can clean it manually with a down jacket detergent before washing
  5. Before putting the jacket into the washing machine, check its label. There should be all the necessary information concerning temperature and washing cycle. If the label is faded or you do not have it at all – set a mild cycle with an additional rinsing. As a rule down clothes should be washed in temperature 30 °C
  6. Wait until the program finishes and take the jacket out

How to dry a down jacket properly?

Drying is definitely the most difficult part of cleaning a down jacket. If you have a tumble dryer the task is easy. Just put the garment into it and then set the device on a long cycle with low temperature. On the other hand, if you don’t have this type of device, then dry your jacket using the traditional method. After washing, lay it out flat in a well-ventilated room. This is not a short process so be patient. If the garment seems dry to you on one side, then turn it over to the other side and let it dry for the same amount of time. If the jacket seems thinner after drying, lay it out on the floor and try to break up the down where it has compressed

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