15 uses for toothpaste you had no idea about!

15 uses for toothpaste you had no idea about!
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Everyone has toothpaste in their home, but not everyone knows about the unusual uses of this popular product. What are the most interesting uses for toothpaste?

15 Unusual Uses for Toothpaste

1. Scratched phone

If you have a scratch on your smartphone or tablet screen, you can remove it with toothpaste. Just put a small amount of toothpaste on a cloth and wipe the scratched surface with it. The screen will look like new.

2. Fogged up bathroom mirror

If you are annoyed by a fogged up bathroom mirror while taking a bath, then apply a thin layer of toothpaste on the mirror. The same trick will take care of the problem of steaming swimming goggles.

3. Unpleasant Hand Odor

If you have an unpleasant smell on your hands, such as onion, garlic or fish, toothpaste can help you deal with it. Just rub the toothpaste into your hands and rinse them after a while – the effect is guaranteed.

4. Dirty heels

The problem of cleaning dirty heels is the bane of most women during summer. Just apply toothpaste to dirty heels, leave for 15 minutes and then wash under water.

5. Cavities in the wall

Toothpaste is great for repairing small cavities in the wall that do not make sense to plaster over, such as: after nails. Simply seal the holes with a small amount of toothpaste.

You can also use toothpaste to glue the poster to the wall. If you get bored of it, you can easily remove it from the wall – without leaving marks on the wall.

6. Stains on the countertop

Round stains on countertops, e.g.: from cups and bottles on glass and wooden surfaces, can be removed with a small amount of toothpaste.

7. Dirty iron

If the iron foot is dirty or scratched, it is best to polish it with a damp cloth and a little toothpaste. The iron foot should then be wiped dry.

8. Useful in the car

Toothpaste should be a must-have in every car. It perfectly masks all scratches and dents on the car body. Just polish the scratched area with a cloth and toothpaste.

Toothpaste works great for cleaning car headlights. Using toothpaste reduces the adhesion of dirt on headlights.

9. As a way to clean stains

Toothpaste helps to effectively get rid of dirt from your carpet. It will also work great on hair dye stains. Just apply a little toothpaste on a sponge, rub it into the carpet and let it sit for a while. Then rinse with clean water.

10. The perfect pianist’s aid

Pianists often have the problem of dirty piano keys. Thanks to the toothpaste, the keys will be snow-white again.

11. Perfect cleanliness in the bathroom

Toothpaste and an old toothbrush are the best recipe for cleaning dirty and hard-to-reach nooks and crannies in the bathroom. This way, you can clean the scale in the shower stall or bathroom fixtures.

12. Cleans and maintains shoes

Toothpaste restores the whiteness of sport shoes, e.g.: sneakers or sneakers. Simply apply the toothpaste to a cloth and polish the shoes with it, then remove the remaining toothpaste by wiping the shoes with a damp cloth.

Toothpaste can also be used to remove scratches on leather shoes.

13. Cleaning silver

If silver items have become covered with a dark tarnish over time, scrub them thoroughly with toothpaste, rinse and dry.

14. Cure for herpes

During the autumn and winter season, herpes is a very common problem. To get rid of it, just apply toothpaste on the affected area. Repeat this action until the symptoms disappear.

15. Soothes insect bites

To relieve the itching of the skin after an insect bite, just brush the bite area with toothpaste. The effect will be better if you leave the paste on overnight.

Popular toothpaste has a number of different uses. It is worth trying out each of them.

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