These items should never be dried in the dryer!

These items should never be dried in the dryer!
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Tumble dryers are a very popular and useful appliance in every home. Unfortunately, not all clothes can be dried in such a dryer. What things can’t be put in the dryer?

Why can’t you put all your clothes in the dryer?

Not all clothes can be dried in the dryer, because under the influence of the rotation of the drum some fabrics may be damaged, for example lace, which by catching on the drum may tear. Before buying an appliance, it’s worth looking through your closet and dividing your clothes into those which can be tumble dried and those which can’t

Label on the tag

If there is a “circle in a square” symbol on the tag, it means the garment is dryer safe. If the symbol is crossed out, this garment cannot be dried in this way. The symbol may also have dots:

  • two – the garment can be dried at a high temperature,
  • one – the garment should be dried only at low temperature.

Which fabrics should not be tumble dried?

Some fabrics should not be tumble dried because they may be damaged and no longer wearable. These include

  • elastane – not suitable for tumble drying, very often causes loss of elasticity,
  • bras – this item of lingerie is very delicate and the underwires (wires) may slip out and damage the drum,
  • tights, stockings – the material is too delicate,
  • sheepskins – high temperature can make the sheepskin shrink,
  • lace (including underwear),
  • clothes with wool in them;
  • swimsuits – they will lose their elasticity,
  • shiny clothes, those with crystals or sequins,
  • rubber bath mats,
  • jeans – this material “does not like” high temperatures,
  • natural leather,
  • curtains

The list of things that can be dried in an electric dryer is very long. The list of things that can be dried in the electric dryer is very long:

  • sports clothes,
  • towels,
  • bedding,
  • cotton clothes,
  • linen clothes.

You can also dry bedding filled with feathers or other filling in the tumble dryer.

How tumble dryers work

A dryer resembles a washing machine and takes up the same amount of space. Condensation dryers are the most popular (they allow drying of clothes at 45-50°C) – thanks to that clothes are less damaged and do not shrink. Water collects in a container that needs to be emptied and cleaned.

The latest models of dryers have programmes that care for the fabrics. This helps clothes to last longer.

Tumble dry ers are a great option when you don’t have space to dry your laundry.

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