Pallet furniture – TOP 5 ideas

Pallet furniture – TOP 5 ideas
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If you want to have unique furniture in your home, then you don’t have to invest a lot of money. It is very trendy and cheap to make different furniture from pallets that you can get for free.

Cheap furniture from pallets

Pallet furniture is cheap – you can get ordinary pallets for free. If you want to make furniture from Euro pallets, then you should reckon with the cost of about 20-50 zl per pallet. To the price of the pallet you should also add the cost of other materials – it depends on the furniture you want to make.

Necessary things to make furniture from pallets:

  • wooden pallets,
  • tools:
    • screwdriver,
    • sander,
    • drill,
    • jigsaw,
    • sandpaper,
    • screws and bolts,
    • fasteners,
    • angles,
    • joint compound,
    • wood paint,
    • wood preservative (if the furniture will be placed outside),
    • roller,
    • brushes,
    • elements to finish the furniture, ie:
    • mattresses,
    • velcro,
    • cushions,
    • casters,
  • plexiglass or tempered glass.

Top 5 best pallet furniture ideas

A sofa for the terrace

A sofa for the terrace or balcony made of pallets is a fashionable and practical solution. But be sure to measure the exact spot where the sofa will be placed before you begin – this will allow you to accurately determine its dimensions.

Making a sofa from a pallet step by step

1. Pallets should be prepared for painting, that is:

  • cut to the desired dimensions;
  • dust;
  • clean off the dirt;
  • remove all splinters, for example: with sandpaper or a sander;
  • if there are defects in the pallet, you can fill them with wood putty, wait for it to dry, and then sand it down;

2. Painting the pallet

Once the pallet is properly prepared, you can start painting. This should be done in several steps:

  • protect with impregnation,
  • when the impregnator is dry, prime it,
  • apply the chosen paint.

Thin layers of paint should be applied with a roller or a brush – a maximum of 3 layers can be applied.

3. Assembling the sofa

When the paint is dry, join the parts of the sofa together using angle bars or flat bars at the back of the pallet.

To the finished couch you can attach castors from the bottom. This will prevent scratching the tiles or decking boards.

Ready-made seats or mattresses can be put on the sofa.


A bed made of pallets can be made in a very similar way as a couch. To make a bed of 160 x 200 cm you need 4 pallets, which should be connected together after painting, for example: with a taker or screws with screws – the bigger the bed will have bigger dimensions, the more pallets will be needed.

A mattress for a bed made of pallets can be fixed with, for example: velcro.

Dining table made of pallets

A pallet table looks great in a dining room or living room accompanied by simple elegant chairs. To make this table you will need:

  • 1 pallet,
  • 4 legs – you can buy them at any market,
  • a screwdriver,
  • paint.

How to make:

  • Prepare the pallet for painting – follow the same procedure as for the pallet for the sofa,
  • paint it the color of your choice,
  • from the bottom of the pallet screw in the legs.

Garden table

The garden table made of pallets fits perfectly to the sofa. It can be made very easily. The pallets should be properly prepared and then painted in the color of your choice. The table should be higher than the sofa, so it is best to make it of 3 pallets stacked on top of each other; you can connect them with bolts and angle brackets. There should be wheels attached to the table so it will be easier to move it.

You can put plexiglass or tempered glass on the finished pallet table, thanks to which the table will look elegant.

Pallet bookcase

This kind of bookcase is very easy to make, you just need to attach the prepared and painted pallet to the wall with pegs and you have a beautiful and ecological bookcase.

Furniture from pallets is very cheap and ecological, it can be made very easily.

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