Which upright vacuum cleaner to choose?

Which upright vacuum cleaner to choose?
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Household chores become much easier and we enjoy doing them if we have the right equipment. Don’t like vacuuming? You’ll change your attitude when an upright vacuum cleaner helps you clean.

Old models of vacuum cleaners with a cord are slowly becoming obsolete. They’re being replaced by cordless household appliances, which are not only more thorough in removing all the crumbs and dust from your carpet, but also reliable in vacuuming other surfaces: furniture, cabinets, floors. We suggest which upright vacuum cleaner is worth choosing.

Upright vacuum cleaners – advantages

Choosing a vacuum cleaner is quite a challenge. It has to be used not only to vacuum carpets, as it usually was in the past. Today, technology is at a very advanced level and the vacuum cleaner not only performs several functions (it can also be a washing device, washing), but also performs well in cleaning different surfaces. Therefore, before you decide to buy this type of household appliance, you need to think about what model of the device will best help you in domestic cleaning.
What are the advantages of upright vacuum cleaners? They are cordless, bagless and cyclonic. They run on batteries, and their motors are digital and generate cyclones (a type of dust collector) that are perfect for drawing in dust and then releasing filtered air. This is quite a convenience, and it’s no surprise that such vacuums are replacing older, heavy-duty plug-in models where you often had to empty the dust container.

Models to consider when shopping

Very popular upright vacuum cleaners on the market today are those from Samsung. More and more consumers are choosing to purchase the Samsung Jet 90 Complete model. What is the phenomenon of these devices? Upright vacuum cleaners from the Jet 90 line are perfectly made devices in the premium segment, that is, taking into account the needs of the most demanding customers. Among the advantages of the Jet 90 model, the manufacturer, but also the users mention the power of the device – is at 550 W. In turn, the suction power is 200 W. Such a vacuum cleaner can work continuously for 60 minutes, after which time the batteries are replaced, which need to be recharged (this takes a little over 3 hours).

Most models of upright vacuum cleaners are also equipped with a free-standing docking station, which does not need to be attached to the wall. What’s more, Samsung’s vacuum cleaner in the premium version mentioned above also comes with a wet and dry polishing tip. Vacuuming and cleaning many surfaces with this vacuum will be a pleasure.

Recommended upright vacuum cleaners are also models from Phillips (especially the Philips SpeedPro Max Aqua XC8149/01), Dyson (the Dyson V11 Torque Drive Extra) and Xiaomi (the Xiaomi Mi Handheld Vacuum Cleaner 1C). In the rankings for best upright vacuum cleaners, they usually make it to the podium.

The Philips upright vacuum cleaner has a number of useful features for cleaning. What are those? For example, it has a 360-degree nozzle, which turns perfectly on any plane and you can vacuum completely flat. The device also has a mop function, which is ideal because we can polish the floor immediately after vacuuming.
The Dyson vacuum cleaner comes with plenty of attachments, and the device’s intelligent motor spins at up to 125,000 times per minute and adjusts the power to the surface being cleaned.

A good upright vacuum cleaner model is also one from Xiaomi. This device is also popular among users, among other things, because of the wide electric brush with a microfiber roller. The advantages of such a roll are that it is environmentally friendly, very economical, has an antibacterial effect.

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