Christmas tree lights decorations – how to make?

Christmas tree lights decorations – how to make?
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The string of LED lights can hang not only on the Christmas tree, but also in other places in the house. Thanks to this, you will create beautiful, atmospheric lighting that will decorate your home at the same time. See how to make Christmas tree lights decorations.

How to make Christmas tree lights decorations?

The first idea is to make a Christmas tree of sticks, pendants and Christmas tree lights. Just tie two thick branches of equal length together with a third, smaller one as a base. You can tie them together or do it with hot glue.

Then place pins or screws (depending on the hardness of the wood) at selected points on the long branches. Now all you have to do is decorate them with pendants that you can hang on strings.

Other ideas for decorating with Christmas tree lights

Check out these other inspirations for Christmas tree lights. You have so many possibilities to decorate your home!

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