Is it worth buying a washer-dryer? Pros and cons

Is it worth buying a washer-dryer? Pros and cons
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A washer dryer is a great way to save space – no need to buy a standing dryer. Thanks to a washer-dryer, we can dry our things much faster. This solution, however, has its drawbacks, so it is worth knowing the data about the washer-dryer

What programs does a washer-dryer have?

Modern washing-dryers have practically all washing programs as traditional washing machines. We can set the temperature or the spin speed. Some models also have the ability to connect to our phone through an app, so we can choose the perfect washing program for us. In addition, there are also drying programs that can be activated immediately after finishing the wash. Washing and drying programs are separated from each other so that we know which program to choose. In more advanced models there are also special programs for drying particular types of fabrics

What are the disadvantages of washer-dryers?

The main disadvantage of washer-dryers is that we can’t effectively dry the laundry when the washing machine is loaded to capacity. This means that if the load of the washing machine is 8 kg, we can effectively and without overloading it dry only 5 kg of laundry. So many people dry part of their laundry and have to hang up the other part. There are washer-dryers that can dry 8 kg of laundry, but they are quite expensive.

Another disadvantage of washer-dryers is the washing and drying cycle time. It lasts from 4 to as much as 5 hours. In the case of washing and drying in two different devices, the washing time is much shorter

It is also important that we cannot dry all the items at the same time. Some fabrics, such as wool, need different drying programs than e.g. jeans or cotton, so some of our laundry must be hung on a traditional dryer until one batch of laundry is dried in the washer-dryer.

Washer dryers also have fewer drying programs than electric dryers, so some of our clothes will have to dry hung up anyway.

Washer dryers dry using air heated by a heater at about 80 degrees. In the case of heat pump dryers, the temperature is lower, but the heat is distributed evenly, which gives us much better and faster drying of clothes. The clothes are then not as dried out or creased as in washer-dryers.

With electric dryers, which are separate devices, we have the possibility of fast cleaning of lost fibres in the filter. With washer-dryers, there is no room for a fiber filter, so you have to clean the washing machine drum each time after drying. There is also a drum rinse program that cleans the drum of accumulated fibers.

Washer dryers are also less economical when it comes to electricity consumption.

What are the advantages of washer-dryers?

Washer dryers are ideal for small households and small apartments and studios because they don’t take up much space. We no longer have to worry about unsightly looking laundry in the room. In addition, they have many auxiliary programs, thanks to which we can dry the hand-washed items faster.

Using a washer-dryer – costs

With washer-dryers, the water consumption reaches about 100 liters if you fill it completely and choose the 60 degree program. In the energy class A++ the washer-dryer consumes about 6 kWh per full cycle of washing and drying.

When is it worth buying a washer-dryer?

A washer dryerwill be ideal for small apartments and small households where there is no room for a traditional dryer. With an incomplete drum, a washer-dryer will certainly cope with washing and drying cotton or denim

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