5 ideas for furnishing a modern studio apartment

5 ideas for furnishing a modern studio apartment
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Living in a studio apartment can be a necessity; it can also be a conscious choice. Regardless of why you chose to live in a small space, you have to face challenges that owners of large apartments don’t have to worry about. Fitting a kitchen, bedroom and living room in a small space is quite a conundrum, so today we come with five interesting ideas for furnishing a modern studio apartment.

Don’t be afraid of big furniture

Just because you’re dealing with a small space, doesn’t mean you’re doomed to small furniture. Although seemingly they do not take up much space, in reality, deciding on a separate chest of drawers, a TV cabinet, a bedside table and a bookcase will unnecessarily occupy the already limited space of your studio. A better solution would be a modern wall unit that combines each of these pieces of furniture

If you take care of the right amount of storage space, you will save yourself from unnecessary trinkets standing on every free surface. Contrary to appearances, large furniture will not clutter your studio apartment, on the contrary, it will guarantee a spacious and organized room.

Kitchen in the hallway

In the case when the kitchen connects to the living room, it is particularly important to arrange the space in such a way as not to disturb other household members while cooking. An interesting way to better organize the space is to move the kitchen to the hallway. By aligning the furniture, you will take up less space in the apartment. Using the kitchen countertops will become easier, and access to the cabinets will be much freer

Fitting furniture to such a limited space can be a real challenge, and it is with this in mind that the Kam Kitchens line of furniture was created. With the ability to adjust the dimensions and number of cabinets, you are sure to be satisfied with the results and your kitchen will be functional and stylish.

A place for everything

The fact that your bachelorette is lacking square meters does not necessarily mean that it will lack space for all the essential elements of the apartment. If you manage the space wisely, you are able to separate zones in the apartment – kitchen, living room, and maybe even bedroom. Walls and half-walls will only unnecessarily restrict the valuable space, and in addition take away access to daylight, which is hard to come by in a studio apartment anyway. Instead of dividing the apartment into smaller, non-functional rooms, you can decide to optically separate the living room with a kitchen worktop (by the way creating a small dining area). In the same way, a 2-seater sofa placed sideways will suddenly make a living and bedroom area out of one room

A strategically placed bookcase will not only allow you to visually divide a studio apartment, but also accommodate books and other personal items. Furnishing a small apartment can be tricky, but in the end you are limited only by your own creativity. Even with a small budget you are able to organize a functional space, sometimes a simple rearrangement is enough!

A bed a level higher

Living in a bedsit doesn’t have to mean giving up comfort. Moving your bedroom to a mezzanine allows you to have more space without feeling cramped. You can enjoy a large, double bed, arrange a cozy corner for work or organize a storage space, all just above your head! This will help you keep the living area of your apartment tidy and allow you more freedom when arranging your space. In the case of a small studio apartment, a few extra square meters are worth their weight in gold.

Books on the wall

It is a good idea to move all your books and trinkets to the walls. Giving up a bookcase in favor of simple shelves is not only space-saving, but also a big money-saver. As a rule, plain shelves in a solid color are much cheaper than standing bookcases

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