What is the best flour for sponge cake?

What is the best flour for sponge cake?
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Do you dream of a wonderfully risen, delicious sponge cake? You can make it in your home. You just need to know a few golden tips that will make your cake always delicious, and on top of that it will look great. It is also worth mentioning that sponge cake is an excellent base for many interesting cakes, such as cakes. However, it takes a lot more than skill to make the perfect cake, as you need to choose the right ingredients. What flour will be best for sponge cake?

The ideal flour for sponge cake – does one exist?

On the market you can find a very rich selection of flours. You will find both the well-known ones, that is, made from wheat, as well as buckwheat, rice, coconut and corn. There are really quite a few possibilities, but not all of them are suitable for every cake. A sponge cake, in order to grow beautiful, blush and tasty, needs the right flour. Wheat will work best, but this is not the only thing that matters. The content of residual grain cover is also important. You can easily figure this out, because they are written on the package. Let’s start with the basics, which will allow you to easily read these values. So, if the flour is labeled as type 450, it means that there is 0.45 percent of the substance after the grain cover, the same will be true for type 750 and so on. The higher the percentage, the darker the flour – this is due to the original color of the grain. Of course, the color of the ingredients used in baking affects the color of the dough or bread. Therefore, some products made with wheat flour are darker, while others are lighter.

What type of flour to choose for sponge cake?

As a rule, people who specialize in baking different types of cakes must also be masters in preparing the perfect sponge cake. Usually for this type of cake, flour of type 400 is chosen. Then it will be a great base for cakes. It will become sufficiently soft, but also flatter, so you will be able to comfortably layer it with cream and fruit.

However, if you want a typical sponge cake, which is to be a dessert in itself, it is better to use the 450 type of flour.Such a cake will only need to be decorated with frosting or fruit. Of course, in addition to this, it will be very important to use other good quality products. Remember to whip the egg whites to a stiff paste, so that the sponge cake can rise beautifully, and for this it will be sufficiently soft. Combining all the ingredients into one will allow you to create a delicious cake that will be until hard to forget. An interesting solution is also to add food coloring to the sponge cake, which will give it a unique color and, when cut, will delight not only children, but also adults. Such suggestions can be used for basically any occasion, and even to prepare a homemade cake for loved ones.

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