How to wash makeup brushes?

How to wash makeup brushes?
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When you use brushes for daily makeup, their bristles accumulate various kinds of dirt. Brushes should be cleaned regularly so that you can use them for a long time and also not get skin problems.

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Professional make-up artists advise to wash brushes after each use, unfortunately, we do not always have this opportunity. We often do our makeup in a hurry before going to work, then it is difficult to find a moment to wash brushes. So let’s try to keep it to a minimum and clean your brushes once every few days.

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What to wash makeup brushes with?

Here are some simple and effective ways to wash your makeup brushes.

Gray bar soap

The familiar grey soap is a cleanser that will clean your makeup brushes perfectly without damaging even natural bristle ones – the detergents it contains are gentle enough to be used on any type of brush without worry.

Shampoo for babies

An even milder product is baby shampoo, which you can use if you want a particularly gentle wash for natural bristle brushes.

Washing oil

For heavily soiled synthetic bristle brushes, a cleansing oil or baby oil is ideal

Micellar lotion

A micellar wash will be suitable for medium-soiled synthetic bristle brushes and should remove dirt with ease.

Washing makeup brushes

  1. Soak brush bristles under running water or in a dish, taking care not to wet the cap
  2. Apply your chosen cleanser to the wet bristles and rub gently. Then rinse the bristles with warm water and repeat the process until the brush is completely clean.
  3. After washing, you can disinfect the brush bristles with a spray available at any drugstore
  4. Finally, put the brushes on a paper towel and let them dry naturally.

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