How do I remove wax from carpet?

How do I remove wax from carpet?
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A burning candle is a beautiful decoration in the house. Unfortunately, sometimes despite attention, the wax will fall on the carpet, tablecloth or furniture. How can wax stains be effectively removed?

Candle material

In the early 20th century, candles were made from beeswax. Today, candles are made from a combination of:

  • stearates – is made from animal fats or vegetable oils. It is used to harden paraffin, increases the burning length of the candle,
  • paraffin – it is very greasy to the touch, insoluble in water, but dissolves under the influence of organic solvents. It is resistant to acids and alkalis.

Removing wax from carpet

Carpet wax can be removed in several different ways:

With a steam cleaner

Put a cloth (preferably made of a natural material) next to the stain in the carpet and splash steam on the area where the wax is. The hot steam will dissolve the wax, which will soak into the cloth. You can then remove the greasy stain from the carpet with dishwashing liquid applied to a damp cloth


If the wax is soft, then apply a cloth with ice cubes wrapped in it. Once the wax has hardened, simply scrape it off and then vacuum the carpet. The remaining wax can be removed with a cloth dampened in hot water with dishwashing liquid. It is a good idea to wipe the area with mineral spirits to remove the wax residue from the carpet.

A paste made of talc or starch and liquid cleaner

Wax can be removed from the carpet with a paste made of starch or talcum powder with dishwashing liquid. Add dishwashing liquid to starch or talcum powder to make a thick paste. Then rub it into the carpet and let it dry. The stained area can be cleaned with water and dishwashing liquid.


The wax stain on your carpet can also be removed with an iron and a cotton cloth or paper towel. Simply apply the cloth or towel to the dried wax and then iron until the wax dissolves. Before trying this method, check the carpet label to see if the manufacturer allows the use of high heat

A mixture of salt, soda, and vinegar

Scrape the wax off the carpet and you can clean the residue with a solution made of salt, soda and vinegar. Apply the solution with a soft brush and let it sit for a while. Then, wash the carpet with carpet shampoo.

Turpentine and Ammonia

You can remove wax stain residue with a mixture of turpentine and ammonia (1:1 ratio). Apply the mixture on the stained area and let it sit for a while. Remove the mixture from the carpet with warm water and a brush.

Removing wax from clothing

In most fabrics, a cloth and an iron can be used to remove the wax stain. Apply the cloth to the stain and then iron until only an oily stain remains on the garment. Do not use this method for colored wax. Removing the wax from the garment should be tailored to the fabric it is made of.

Artificial fabrics

Wax from artificial fabric can be removed with gray soap. And you can remove the greasy wax stain with dishwashing liquid.

Wool and delicate fabrics

It is best to remove wax from such fabrics with a cotton swab soaked in cologne or mineral spirits.

Removing greasy wax stains

Oily wax stains can be removed with:

  • dishwashing liquid,
  • grey soap,
  • gall soap,
  • turpentine oil,
  • mineral spirits,
  • hydrogen peroxide – perfect for removing wax stains from cotton fabrics,
  • water and vinegar – great for silk clothes.

Removing wax from furniture

Wax can only be removed from furniture once it has set. This can be done in several ways:

  • by scraping with a knife wrapped in a cloth,
  • turpentine – you just have to be careful not to remove the varnish with the wax,
  • hot air stream, e.g. heating it up with a hairdryer and wiping it off with a towel.
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