Which to choose – bagless or bagged vacuum cleaner?

Which to choose – bagless or bagged vacuum cleaner?
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Comparing both types of cleaning tools leaves us with a dilemma. Bagless vacuum cleaner will still expose us to contact with dirt spilled from the container, while the bagged vacuum cleaner requires regular replacement of the cartridge. What else is worth knowing?

How do both devices work?

Bagged vacuum cleaners are definitely more popular. We can assume that this is a traditional solution that has been known for years. However, bagless vacuum cleaners are gaining more and more followers. It is worth taking a brief look at how both types of cleaning devices work

Bagged vacuum cleaner

How does a bagged vacuum cleaner work? Cleaning with such a device is possible because inside works a centrifugal compressor in several stages. It is driven by a high-speed electric motor. The collected dust and other solids are collected in a bag. It can be made of paper or fabric, which means it can be used once or many times.

Bagless vacuum cleaner

How does a bagless vacuum cleaner work? They are sometimes called cyclone vacuum cleaners. The distinguishing feature in this case is the transparent container fitted in the device for storing the dust that is sucked in. The fact that it is made of plastic makes it reusable after emptying the waste. The term “cyclone vacuuming” comes from the fact that the dust sucked in together with the air is put into a centrifugal motion. The centrifugal force acts in such a way that the dirt is separated from the air and ends up in the container

Advantages and disadvantages of bagged vacuum cleaner

Both types of equipment have their supporters and opponents. It is also not difficult to guess that it is possible to enumerate the weaker and stronger points of each choice. What are the advantages of a bagged vacuum cleaner?

First of all, the use of a bag to collect dust results in a very good level of filtration of the air passing through it. It is calculated that this level is up to 95%, which is very good. By removing such a bag, we are only slightly exposed to dust and other impurities, which is a big plus. A bagged vacuum cleaner is also generally a piece of equipment that our neighbors will not complain about, even when vacuuming at night – it usually works quite quietly

The disadvantages of bagged vacuum cleaner? First of all, we pay for each new bag, which we are forced to replace after refilling. It’s easier for us to suck into an opaque bag and lose something valuable. The more full the bag is, the less suction power the vacuum cleaner has.

Strengths and weaknesses of a bagless vacuum cleaner

Enumerating the advantages of a bagless vacuum cleaner, you have to start with the obvious: we do not have to spend money each time to buy a new bag and time to install it. The cost of operating the device in the long term is reduced. In this case, the suction power is constant. It is not reduced by the accumulation of debris inside. In a transparent container, it will be easier to notice even an accidental suction of a valuable object. What about the disadvantages? Bagless vacuum cleaner usually works louder. Throwing dust and dirt out of the container, we have direct contact with them. The price of the device itself is higher, and the quality of the exhausted air is worse.

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What to look for when you decide on a bagless vacuum cleaner?

There are a number of parameters of the equipment that must be taken into account when choosing the right model for us. Of course, we assume that this is a conscious and rational choice. What to look for?

  • the capacity of the dust storage container,
  • the power of the vacuum cleaner,
  • the suction power of the device,
  • the noise level,
  • additional equipment of the vacuum cleaner,
  • availability of spare parts.

How to decide?

A difficult choice awaits any person who wants to prepare well for cleaning the apartment. There are rational arguments for both models. We should decide for ourselves whether we care more about air filtration or saving money. It is important to think about our preferences

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