Gym at home? Create your own fitness center

Gym at home? Create your own fitness center
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You don’t have to leave your four walls to get in shape. A gym at home is enough for that! Recently it has been quite a challenge for people who wanted to stay in shape. Today we are suggesting how to create your own private fitness center.

You don’t have to have a separate room

Many people are held back from creating their own home gym by the fact that they don’t have enough space. However, it is a myth that in order to create your own fitness center, you need to set aside a separate room for it. Of course, if you have the ability to do so, that’s great because it will allow you to apply more functional solutions

If you want to create a home gym in a small apartment, you just need to set aside a little bit of free space for it, where you can freely spread out the exercise mat, and when you spread your arms wide, you won’t touch any objects. This amount of space will be more than enough for you to indulge in your favorite exercises with complete ease

What equipment should I buy for my home gym ?

The equipment of your home gym should start with the floor. If you are arranging it in a separate room, you should remember to protect the panels or parquet floor with special mats, which will absorb jumps and the weight of machines set up. In the case of a gym that will be located in a small area, it will be great to exercise mat, which prevents slipping and will protect your back and knees from injury

Another important element is the exercise equipment. The type you choose depends mainly on your preferences. However, experts agree that to take care of your figure comprehensively, you only need a few items such as resistance bands, dumbbells, a pull-up bar, a stepper and an inflatable ball

If you plan to work out with YouTube or your online instructor, don’t forget also the place where you will leave the screen on which the exercises will be displayed. It should be easily visible from both standing and lying down positions

Music is also an important consideration. Especially considering the fact that many studies have proven that listening to music with the right beat and rhythm, promotes rhythmic exercise and makes exercise more enjoyable, making the workout time go by much faster. So make sure you have the right sound system where you plan to exercise

What are the advantages of home gym ?

Many people can’t imagine exercising at home, and their crowning argument is that they feel more motivated to exercise in a fitness center. However, despite this, it cannot be denied that a home gym has many advantages

The first of them is, first of all, saving time and money. Getting to the gym, changing clothes, and waiting between exercises until a particular machine slows down makes exercising away from home take a lot of time. In addition, the average cost of a monthly pass to the gym, even in large cities is currently about 150 PLN, which gives 1800 PLN per year. For this amount you can easily arrange a fully functional gym in your own home

A home gym is also an incredible comfort. You do exercises by yourself and you do not have to worry about other people’s eyes. That is why this solution is very often offered for shy people who have problems with physical activity in public places

The last advantage that we would like to mention is that you can exercise at any time of the day, at any free moment without having to adjust to the opening hours of the gym or a training plan that you can adjust to your needs at any time

All this makes a home gym a great solution and alternative to traditional places of this type, especially now during the pandemic period when the situation is so uncertain

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