Wine bottle – what to do with it?

Wine bottle – what to do with it?
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Most of us remember the times when glass packaging was reused rather than thrown away. Fortunately, this trend is slowly coming back.

More and more people pay attention to segregation, but also to reuse materials. Here are some surprising uses for a wine bottle. We guarantee that you will be surprised!

Glass lantern

Everyone loves warm light coming from lanterns, candles or small lamps. The wine bottle can become one of them. It is quite unusual but very interesting

How to make a lantern out of a wine bottle? First, mark a spot on the glass surface with a marker. Then, using a drill with a diamond drill bit, drill a hole in it. Remember to do this gently. Next, polish the glass around the hole with sandpaper. Be careful not to scratch the surface while doing so. Clean the bottle with a damp cloth and insert the Christmas tree lights. Depending on the color of the glass, match their color. Colorful leds look best in clear glass, while lighter ones in green or brown glass

Self watering plants

Now it’s time for a more practical addition. We are talking about smart pots, which will find use in any kitchen. After all, herbs are the hardest to take care of. More often than not, store-bought containers, in which the plants are packed, leak. With wine bottles, you can create your own pots that you don’t have to watch over

How to make a smart pot? Cut the glass bottle in half. Put the top part (the neck of the glass) into the bottom, wider part of the bottle, neck down. You can use sandpaper to rub the edges of the glass so that no one in the house gets hurt. Then cut a piece of cloth or fine mesh to keep the soil from spilling out and sew cotton string to it. Put the herbs in the top of the bottle and put the string through the neck. Don’t forget to pour water into the bottom of the bottle, only then will the herbs be able to take it freely

Bird feeder

This time something not only for us, but also for animals. You can use wine bottles to create bird feeders that will decorate your terrace or balcony. The animals, the environment and ourselves will benefit

To create a decorative bird fe eder you will need a clear wine bottle, hot glue, a plate and decorative gravel. First, fill the entire bottle with gravel. Then, using hot glue, attach it to the plate. The accessory should be smooth and fairly flat so that the glue holds better. Finally, wrap an elastic wire around the neck of the bottle. You can hang such a feeder on your balcony or trees in your garden.


A glass wine bottle can be used to make the candle holder of your dreams. Just choose the color of the bottle and the shape of the decoration, and then equip yourself with a glass cutter. How do I make a glass candle holder? Just draw a shape on the bottle with a marker, and then cut it out. Of course, the easiest way is to cut off the top of the bottle.

Remember to polish the edges with fine sandpaper. This is a mandatory point, because the glass after cutting can be very sharp and the edge will have an uneven texture. After securing the candle holder, insert the candle into it and set it on the stand of your choice. Remember that glass heats up quickly, so be careful not to burn yourself when replacing the refill

Decorative dishwashing liquid bottle

Want to reduce the amount of plastic generated by your bottles? Use what you already have, which is glass wine bottles. When you replace the plastic container of dishwashing liquid with a stylish glass bottle, you’ll not only be more eco-friendly, but also more creative.

Making a dishwashing liquid bottle is incredibly easy! Just decorate it with veneer or paint, unless you don’t mind the raw look. Then, just fill the glass with dishwashing liquid and buy a suitable dispenser. That’s it! A zero waste style container done!

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