How to renovate an old sideboard?

How to renovate an old sideboard?
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Do you have an old sideboard at home and are wondering how to refresh it? Renovating it yourself is very easy. All you need is sandpaper, paint and a lot of time. How to renew the old sideboard step by step?

Old sideboard in the new version

Old sideboards were made of solid wood – heavy and solid. This furniture was the highlight of any kitchen. Currently, more and more often you can find in many homes renovated sideboards with soul. Old furniture painted white will look beautiful in the kitchen in Scandinavian or Provencal style.

Renewing the old sideboard step by step

Renewal of old sideboard must begin with cleaning the furniture from dust and dirt. This can be done by using warm water with a mild detergent. After cleaning, you need to wipe it dry. When the sideboard is thoroughly cleaned, then it is worth unscrewing the knobs and handles. If you want to reinstall them, it is worth cleaning and painting them.

If there is glass in the sideboard, it is necessary to protect it by covering it with newspaper or gray paper. The next step is to sand off the old coating, for example with sandpaper or a sander. If you want to get the effect of rubbed furniture, then it is enough to matt the surface. Another way is to apply primer or priming paste on the entire surface of the sideboard. This is a much more expensive option, but quicker to do.

If you’ve been stripping off the old paint with sandpaper or a sander, then you’ll need to thoroughly clean the piece of furniture with a brush or paintbrush. When the surface of the sideboard is cleaned, then you need to apply insecticide liquid to the entire piece of furniture (inside and out). Usually, one coat of the preparation is enough.

Do not start painting until the insecticide has dried. Before painting, pour the paint into a flat container – it will be more convenient to scoop it. Use a flat brush to paint the outside of the furniture. The inside of the piece of furniture can be painted with, for example, stain or clear wood varnish. When the furniture is dry, screw on the knobs and handles.

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