How to make a scented candle? Step by step

How to make a scented candle? Step by step
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A scented candle is the perfect companion for evenings at home. You can of course buy it, but even better idea is to make it yourself. How to make a scented candle? See our step-by-step guide.

A scented candle – this is what you need

If you’re not experienced in making scented candles yourself, it’s best to start by pouring wax into a glass container instead of making a free-standing decoration.

This is why you will need:

  • a vessel with thick glass,
  • wax,
  • two warming dishes – one larger and one large enough to stand on top of the former,
  • cotton string,
  • fragrance oil,
  • a pencil or a stick of similar length.

Now you are probably asking yourself what wax to use for a candle and where to get it. In fact, you can use leftover unburnt candles. You can also get wax from online stores. You can choose from paraffin, soy or beeswax.

How much wax do you need? First measure your container. If it is, for example, 250 ml, use a little less wax in grams – between 200 and 225.

How to make a scented candle? Step by step

1. Heat the wax in a water bath. Pour water into a larger pot and bring it to the boil. Melt slowly, stirring all the time.

2. You will need a bit of wax to attach the cotton string. Dip it in a bit of wax, then apply it to the bottom of the pot, right in the middle. To keep it straight, use a pencil or stick of a similar length and tie it around.

3. Add the fragrance oil to the melted wax. The more you apply, the more intense the smell will be. Special fragrances designed for wax will work great here, but traditional fragrance oils can also be used. A few dozen drops will be enough.

4. Mix the melted wax with the oil.
5. Hold the wick and pour the wax slowly into the vessel.
6. Wait for the candle to solidify.

Done! A scented candle needs to wait a bit before you can use it. It is best to let it sit for another 24 hours.

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