3 things you should know about the steam station

3 things you should know about the steam station
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Traditional iron or steam station? If you want to choose the perfect iron to make ironing more fun and faster, you should read this advice. See what you need to know about the steam station.

Steam is generated in a boiler

Unlike a conventional iron, the steam station generates steam in a boiler. The steam is released under high pressure to the outside, i.e. to the material of your choice. It is the steam that is responsible for efficiently ironing out even the biggest creases. It quickly penetrates the fabric, straightening and softening it. However, the water tank and the entire appliance take up more space than an iron.

Use the right water

Not all water will work with a steam station, just like with a traditional iron. If the tap water is too hard, distilled or demineralized water is better. A good way to do this is to make a 50:50 mixture of tap water and demineralized water. This will prevent limescale build-up.

Iron vertically and horizontally

Some steam stations have an interesting feature that allows you to iron vertically. This is great for those who want to quickly refresh the look of a smart shirt or pants just before leaving the house.

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