Upright vacuum cleaner – is it worth it?

Upright vacuum cleaner – is it worth it?
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Upright vacuum cleaners have been around for several years. Initially, they were treated by many as a curiosity with a rather prohibitive price

Today they are much more available and common, but still some consumers treat them as additional equipment. For many, an upright vacuum cleaner is the natural successor to the old and worn out broom and dustpan. The broom was always on hand and ready for action to get rid of the sand from shoes in the hallway and spilled cereal in the kitchen. Is the same role assigned to the upright vacuum cleaner? Or does it have to be just an accessory? Is it worth buying one at all?

The models available today can successfully replace a standard corded vacuum cleaner. The power of upright vacuum cleaners is increasing, so they can perfectly cope with the standard cleaning of the house.

What to look for when choosing an upright vacuum cleaner?

  1. Maximum run length

The trap that consumers fall into is that an upright vacuum cleaner on its highest speed will not work as long as the manufacturer guarantees. The run time of cordless vacuum cleaners is most often quoted in terms of its operation at the lowest level. For large areas, this may not work

  1. Battery charging time

Another thing to pay attention to is the charging time. It can be very long in some models. Imagine how frustrating it must be to have the battery go flat in the middle of cleaning and have to wait several hours for it to recharge

  1. Tank capacity

When choosing an upright vacuum cleaner, pay attention to the size of the container where dust and dirt accumulate. If you have pets at home, you may find that some models will not meet your expectations due to insufficient tank capacity. It’s also a good idea to make sure it’s designed in a way that makes emptying the contents easy and hassle-free

  1. Battery location

Another important aspect that is sometimes overlooked is the location of the motor. Vacuum cleaners that have the battery in the handle can be unstable. If you put it down during a break from vacuuming, a small loss of balance of the vacuum cleaner can cost you damage to your floor and equipment. Keep in mind that a motor positioned this way can tire your wrist on long cleanups. The plus side of this battery location will be the ease with which you slide the vacuum cleaner under beds and closets. Models that have the motor and tank at the bottom have a different center of gravity and will be more stable. Unfortunately, this type of vacuum cleaner will not slide under furniture!

Upright vacuum cleaners are usually a little noisier than standard vacuum cleaners. It’s also worth paying attention to the switch. Some models require the user to constantly press the button while the vacuum cleaner is running. The lack of an on/off button can be inconvenient if you plan on cleaning every day.

What are the advantages of an upright vacuum cleaner?

This type of vacuum cleaner undoubtedly gives you more freedom to vacuum. The appliance does not need to be plugged into an outlet, so you can easily clean places where there is no electricity. The lack of cable does not limit your movements and does not force you to switch the vacuum cleaner several times during cleaning

Upright vacuum cleaners are lightweight and therefore suitable for the elderly, sick and children. Due to the light weight of the equipment, you can get rid of high-hanging cobwebs without using a ladder. Many models are equipped with additional accessories, such as easier cleaning of pet hair, or richer with wet option

An upright vacuum cleaner is not a flawless piece of equipment. Depending on your needs, it can replace the main vacuum cleaner or become its smaller helper

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