How to get rid of fruit flies?

How to get rid of fruit flies?
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Fruit flies appear in our homes out of nowhere and are a real nuisance. They make it difficult to store different types of food. How to deal with these insects? Do you necessarily have to rely on chemical solutions? Here is some valuable advice.

Fruit fly

Drosophila melanogaster, which is the actual name of the fruit fly, is an insect which feeds on the yeast produced by fermentation on fruit. This is why it is so often found on cherries that have been lying too long. Interestingly, this fly lives on all continents except Antarctica. It lives up to 30 days and lays up to 20 eggs

Although it does not cause damage to orchards because it is not interested in fresh fruit and is herbivorous, it carries bacteria, viruses and fungi that are harmful to health. Laying eggs in the fruit we eat is also extremely unsightly. How to get rid of them?

How to protect yourself from intrusive insects at home?

It is not easy to get rid of fruit flies without using chemicals, which, after all, we do not like because of the potential side effects of their use. The right and most sensible way to fight fruit fl ies is to prevent them from entering your home. This is not difficult, but you need to follow important rules. First of all

  • dispose of spoiled vegetables and fruits efficiently – it’s amazing, but fruit flies can smell them even from several meters away;
  • keep purchased fruit and vegetables covered or in the fridge;
  • keep countertops and sinks clean;
  • prevent flies by washing fruit and vegetables thoroughly – they can lay their eggs on them beforehand and only washing under running water will combat them;
  • empty the dustbin regularly and keep it closed at all times;
  • keep bottles of sweet juices and jars of jam closed;
  • keep mint plants in the kitchen as they are an effective deterrent to fruit flies.

Trap for fruit flies

However, when we fail to prevent fruit flies from entering our home, we can try to eliminate them. This is not particularly difficult. The basic way to deal with unwanted guests is to make a trap for insects. It is necessary to use:

  • a bowl,
  • cling film,
  • a decoy in the form of fruit peels or pieces of fruit.

The fruit fly trap consists of placing pieces of fruit attracting the insects into a bowl. It is important that this is done airtight. It is important that this is done tightly. Later, small holes need to be made in the surface. The trap makes use of the natural tendency and ability of the flies to find food at a distance. It so happens that they are able to enter the trap, but no longer come out of it, and in this way they can be safely removed from the house

Home remedies for fruit flies

Other home remedies for fruit flies include a combination of vinegar and washing-up liquid. Very important: the two liquids should not be mixed together. Vinegar will act as a lure for insects, while the liquid will contribute to their death. The concoction is placed on a windowsill for several hours. After this time, you may find many drowned flies inside the jar or dish. Another of the home options is to use scents or incense sticks with intense fragrance in the kitchen. Mint and lavender scents work best. Sometimes there is also advice to deal with annoying insects by using a vacuum cleaner or hot air from a dryer. As a rule, however, these are very selective methods.


There is no doubt that insect sprays, aerosols and pellets are the most effective possible methods for controlling fruit flies. Keep in mind, however, that these methods are not eco-friendly. It is necessary to strictly follow the recommendations so that the means used do not harm our health.

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