How to clean the iron?

How to clean the iron?
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A burnt iron can be quite a problem for us. Many people then consider buying a new iron. However, we do not have to do this. There are many proven ways to clean a burnt iron. Learn about some of them.

How to clean a burnt-in iron?

Most often, we burn the iron when ironing without water or when we add hard water to the inside of the iron. Burned material on the soleplate is not a cause for concern. There are many ways to easily get rid of this unpleasant stain.


Burned irons can be easily cleaned with vinegar, which is an all-purpose cleaner. Pour a little vinegar on a cotton cloth and rub the foot of the iron with it. The black residue should disappear completely and be invisible. Finally, you can wipe the iron with a cloth soaked only in water. This is a very safe way to clean the iron, both with Teflon and ceramic soleplate.

Baking soda

Another ecological remedy for cleaning irons after burning is baking soda. Baking soda and water are used to make a paste, which is ideal for cleaning the surface of the iron. It also does not cause any problems during cleaning, because it does not leave any smell and does not damage Teflon and ceramic surfaces. Baking soda and vinegar can be combined for even better results


Toothpaste is also very good for cleaning irons. It can be used to clean aluminum irons. Squeeze a little toothpaste on the plate of the iron, and after spreading it on the surface of the iron, rub it with a cotton cloth. The paste after cleaning should be cleaned very carefully so that it does not remain on the surface of the iron, because when heated, it can burn and lead to further soiling of the ironed fabric.

White candle

An interesting idea for cleaning the iron is to use white candle wax for this purpose. Rub the candle with a slightly heated iron so that the wax sticks to the iron’s soleplate. Then remove it with a cloth. To ensure that no greasy film remains on the iron after the candle, iron grey paper or newspaper, which will clean the Teflon surface completely.


A very little-known way to remove the burn from the iron is to lubricate the slightly heated iron with a tablet of paracetamol. Hold it with pliers and apply it to the burned area. Later, the iron can be cleaned with a damp cloth

Aluminum foil

A piece of aluminum foil can also be helpful when cleaning the iron from burns. You can start ironing it with a medium-hot iron. For even better results, sprinkle some salt on the foil.

Slight burns can be removed by ironing a terry towel. Its slightly thicker fiber makes it retain the burns from the iron. This can be a good way to quickly get rid of minor burns.

Professional remedies

There are also professional remedies for burns on Teflon surfaces. These are worth having in your home because they do not damage ceramics or Teflon. Similar agents can be used for pans or pots with this surface. If we do not have these preparations, we may also find fireplace cleaner useful. It is gentle for such surfaces and extremely effective, because it removes even old and difficult to remove burns

How to avoid burning the soleplate of the iron?

To avoid burning the iron, adjust the ironing temperature to the material you are ironing. Also try to avoid pouring water straight from the tap into the iron. It is best to invest in a filter jug, which will not only prevent scorching, but also significantly extend the life of your iron. Limescale often builds up on the soleplate. If you use filtered water, then the likelihood of scorching is reduced.

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