Which headphones to choose for your phone?

Which headphones to choose for your phone?
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Choosing headphones for your phone is not only about price competition and reliability of the device, but also about the sound quality offered. If you frequently listen to music or podcasts on your smartphone, you will appreciate good sound. You can opt for several types of headphones – according to your personal taste

Types of headphones – the most common ones to choose from

Headphones for the phone can be divided according to their design, purpose and operation. It is worth to put some effort into choosing the option that will actually suit us to the greatest extent. Remember that well-chosen headphones are practical and give the possibility to easily switch music and conversations during everyday activities. Especially, you can safely drive a car with them. They allow you to avoid poor transmission quality and interference of external noises in the listening process.

On-ear, in-ear or over-ear?

On-ear headphones are the type that became popular the earliest and are probably the best known. Large in size, they usually cover the entire ear and are permanently connected to a plastic headband. In-ear headphones, on the other hand, are the most popular choice for smartphone owners. What’s the advantage? Certainly small size and handiness. A variant of in-ear headphones are also called docu-ear headphones, which are placed deeper in the ear canal. Thanks to this they do not tend to fall out, but with loud and frequent listening to music they can contribute to hearing damage.

Who needs headphones?

Special types of headphones for the phone are designed for users who require specific parameters. Among them distinguish:

  • gaming headphones,
  • sports headphones,
  • business headphones.

Wired or wireless?

The way of connection with the sound source divides the headphones into wired and wireless. The first are also a fairly typical device that has been known for years. They connect thanks to minijack 3.5 port. Wireless headphones, on the other hand, are more complicated – their operation is enabled by modern technologies

This often translates into a higher price, but the cost of such devices is constantly decreasing and the cheapest models can be bought for as little as a dozen or so zlotys. Most often the gadget works thanks to Bluetooth. Their choice is appropriate wherever even a long cable is an element hindering freedom of movement. Running, cycling or working in the garden – during these activities you will appreciate the advantages of wireless headphones

Important parameters – you have to remember them!

What else influences that we should choose a particular model of headphones for our phone or look for another model? Certainly, they must be functional headphones. The control panel must be intuitive, easy to use. A good quality microphone is another element that you absolutely must look at

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The power with which the headphones emit sound is expressed as sound efficiency in decibels. The impedance of the headphones is the resistance to noise in relation to the strength of the sound. The lower it is, the higher the volume, but at the expense of sound quality. For athletes, water resistance is also useful. Also pay attention to how many hours you need to charge the equipment in the case of wireless headphones

Models that are recommended in early 2021

Recommended headphones in different market segments include:

Wired headphones:

  • Marshall Major III – price about 270 zł,
  • FRESH N REBEL vibe – price approx. 120 zł,
  • Sony MDR-EX15LP – price about 30 zł,
  • Audictus Explorer 2.0 – price about 70 PLN,
  • SoundMAGIC 50 – price about 200 PLN,
  • Beverdynamic Custom One Pro Plus – price about 610 zł,
  • Beyerdynamic Soul Byrd – price about 300 zł.

Wireless headphones:

  • JBL TUNE220TWS – price about 320 zł,
  • PHILIPS SHB3075 – price around 230 zł,
  • Samsung Galaxy Buds live – price about 850 PLN,
  • SONY WF-1000XM3 – price about 800 PLN,
  • Xiaomi Mi True Wireless – price about 190 PLN.
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