How to remove yellow stains from white clothes?

How to remove yellow stains from white clothes?
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Yellow stains on clothes are a common problem, especially in summer. How to effectively get rid of this effect on your favorite light colored clothes? We reveal a few proven methods.

Everyone wants the items of clothing they buy to last as long as possible and to look fresh. The opponents to achieving this goal are the yellow stains that appear on clothes, mainly in the armpit area. They are caused mainly by factors such as sweat and deodorant.

If we’d rather prevent it than fight unsightly discoloration later, one solution is to wait a while after using deodorant instead of putting on a T-shirt right away on still wet skin. This way, the cosmetic has a chance to be absorbed into the body and not stay on your clothes.

However, if stains do appear, simply washing the shirt or T-shirt may not be enough to remove them. Fortunately, there are methods you can use to reduce the appearance of stains or get rid of them altogether, depending on how badly damaged your clothes are. What’s more, to deal with this problem you can use products that you can easily find at home. In this way, you can make a great natural bleach.

Baking soda

Yellow stains are the most troublesome when it comes to white clothes, because you can see any, even small dirt on them. The first product on the list of home specifics used in this case is baking soda, known for its excellent cleaning properties. Preparing a concoction with her in the lead role is child’s play

Just take a dish, pour into it a few tablespoons of powder and combine it with, for example, hydrogen peroxide, in such a proportion that a fairly thick paste is formed. Then, so prepared cleaner must be spread on the place where the discoloration occurs and leave for at least an hour. After this time, throw the clothes into the wash

Importantly, the paste must remain on it at all times, that is, you do not remove it before placing it in the washing machine.


An ad hoc way to quickly get rid of bothersome stains is to use toothpaste. The patent involves placing, then rubbing the product into the stained areas. As in the previous solution, the paste has to stay on the clothes for some time. It is worth mentioning here that yellow stains are easier to remove if they are quite fresh. It will be much worse to deal with them when they are several days old, they have time to dry and penetrate the fabric more deeply. In this situation, toothpaste may not be enough.


Among natural bleaches there is also vinegar. It cleans very well, but also disinfects and prevents further discoloration. First, douse the stain in vinegar or place the entire garment in water combined with vinegar and then wash it.


The last recommended product for yellow stains is lemon. The juice of this citrus fruit is especially suitable for fighting the stains. The procedure is the same as in the case of vinegar

For a better effect and greater efficiency, some people choose to combine the above-mentioned products, creating various mixtures, for example, baking soda with vinegar.

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