How do you make sure your home is properly heated?

How do you make sure your home is properly heated?
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Snow outside the window, thermometers show minus temperatures, this means that without heating in the house is no longer possible. Unfortunately, due to many unconscious or ill-considered decisions, some houses are very difficult to heat. It is well known that the prices of both electricity, gas and fuel are not very attractive, so the method of heating the house must be efficient. Here are some ways to heat your home effectively in winter

Choose your heat source well

When building your home, think carefully about what type of heating you plan to use. Calculate the costs carefully, taking into account the area of the house and the effectiveness of each method. If you have a two-story house and the first floor has a large living room connected to the dining room or kitchen, it’s a great idea to put a fireplace in the center of the room.

Its size, power and type of fuel that can be used in it, you must match the area that the fireplace is to heat. It is good to ask an expert about such matters. The fireplace manufacturer Hitze offers a wide range of products, so you are sure to find something to suit your needs. A fireplace does not only heat the house, but also creates an amazing atmosphere in it. The warmth that a living fire brings to the living room is extraordinary and no decorations can replace that.

The fireplace can be gas, wood burning, pellet, peat briquette, wood or coal. Choose the most beneficial and environmentally friendly option for you

Try to minimize your heating costs

To keep your home well heated, your heating costs can’t be too high. Otherwise, you will either freeze or go bankrupt. Did you know that heating your home with electricity can be almost free? This is possible thanks to photovoltaics. Installing solar panels on your property can reduce your electricity costs by up to 90%

With bills this low, drawing energy straight from the sun, you can successfully heat your home on electricity cheaply and efficiently. Without photovoltaic panels, this method of providing heat to buildings is one of the most expensive, but taking advantage of the free energy the sun provides makes the costs drop dramatically. This way, you can take care of your thermal comfort, as well as your budget, without having to choose. Learn more about photovoltaic panels and the technology they use at

Take care of good thermal insulation

Proper protection of the house against heat loss can significantly increase the efficiency of heating and reduce its costs. Unfortunately, if the building has poor insulation or leaky doors or windows, heat escapes quickly from rooms and it is difficult to heat them up

The answer to this problem is heating of buildings Poznań. Well-chosen materials for home insulation are a guarantee of effective heating of rooms in the heating season. Thanks to the insulation, the house begins to behave a bit like a thermos – maintains the temperature and for a long time does not take it from the environment. Thus, the house does not cool down even on cold nights, when radiators are slightly turned on

During the heating season, frost is not the only factor that can affect your health badly. When radiators are warm and windows are often closed, the humidity in homes and apartments drops dramatically, which promotes the development of throat and upper respiratory tract infections. When heating your home, ensure that the air is properly humidified by placing containers of water or wet towels on radiators.

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