Can essential oils be added to laundry?

Can essential oils be added to laundry?
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Taking care of our health and the environment is extremely important. Wondering if you can change your fabric softener for a few drops of essential oil?

In the following text, we will dispel all doubts about this issue and give you some important tips on how to wash ecologically and for the benefit of health

Essential oils and their uses

Essential oils are completely natural products. They come from trees, bushes and flowers. Depending on the plant, they are extracted by distillation, extraction or squeezing. The oils enter the body through the sense of smell and touch. They are completely safe and have a positive effect on the human body. It is important to remember to read their leaflet before use, as people with chronic illnesses, pregnancy or epilepsy should not use certain scents.

Essential oils have a very wide range of uses. They are not just used in aromatherapy fireplaces. They can be used as an additive to baths or massages, but that’s not all! They also help in everyday chores. They are universal cleaning agents and can be added to laundry. Before doing so, however, you should perform an allergy test and make sure that none of your household members is allergic to them

How do I add essential oils to my laundry?

Essential oils can be added interchangeably with fabric softener. They are the perfect ingredients for cleaning. They smell good, are efficient, and leave your clothes feeling incredibly soft. How to make a beautifully scented organic fabric softener with essential oil?

To make your fabric softener, you will need 5 liters of white vinegar and 25-30 drops of an essential oil of your choice. It is recommended to measure the drops with a dropper. The more oil, the more intense the scent of the liquid will be. The aroma should be added to the white vinegar. Then shake the mixture thoroughly. The prepared solution is ready to use. For one wash, ⅓ cup of self-prepared liquid is enough

Essential oils are useful not only in fabric softeners. They are also great in eco-friendly washing powder. This type of product is extremely environment, fabric and skin friendly. It does not irritate or cause allergies. It is extremely efficient and durable. To prepare an ecological washing powder you will need 3 bars of soap made on the basis of natural oil (coconut oil works best), 6 cups of baking soda and several drops of essential oil of your choice

First of all, the soap should be grated. Then add to it baking soda and drops of essential oil. Mix the whole thing and keep it in a glass jar. Before washing, pour 3 tablespoons of the product into the drum, and then wash as usual

Which essential oils to choose?

Below are what scents are recommended to choose if you want to start your adventure with using oils in household cleaning

  1. Lavender oil – this is one of the most popular scents. It can be used as a fabric softener. It has calming and antibacterial properties. It effectively freshens clothes and repels moths
  2. Lemon oil – is one of the most commonly used oils in cleaning products. It has a very wide range of applications, acts antibacterially, refreshes and does not irritate the skin
  3. Tea tree oil – has antibacterial and disinfectant properties. It is considered a natural antiseptic. It effectively eliminates viruses, bacteria and fungi. Due to its properties, it is recommended for washing underwear and clothes that are close to the body

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