How do I remove scratches from panels?

How do I remove scratches from panels?
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Choosing floor panels is difficult not only because of their design, but also because of the abrasion rating, which affects their longevity under a given load. Unfortunately, even very durable, panels often scratch. How to remove scratches from laminate?

Why do we choose floor panels?

Very often we decide on laminate floors in our apartment. They are not as durable as, for example, stoneware, but not everyone likes to have tiles in the living room or bedroom. The advantage of laminates is that they can warm up the space and give a chance for many arrangements, because there are many colors and patterns available on the market. In addition, the price of floor panels is very competitive and they are very easy to lay.

How to prolong the useful life of floor panels?

First of all, you need to choose the right type of laminate for the room. Where there is little traffic, less durable and therefore cheaper models will suffice. In a hallway you should bet on more solid solutions

It is also necessary to take care not to damage the floor in a mechanical way. So put rubber pads under the furniture and try not to move them directly on the floor. This will significantly reduce the chance of very deep and visible scratches. There are also preparations used to shine and create a protective layer on the panels

What do our chances of removing scratches from floor panels depend on?

The basic element is the nature and depth of scratches. The selection of appropriate agents depends on it. It is possible to use delicate substances caring for the surface of the panels, but also agents for complex renovation of the surface. Unfortunately, sometimes the only solution is to mask the scratches.

Basic option: scratch remover and repair kit

Small scratches which result from the normal use of the floor with panels laid on it should not cause sleepless nights. A scratch remover, which you can easily buy in a supermarket, is enough to fight against them. Do not be discouraged that there is no immediate effect after the first application. Usually, you need to repeat this process several times

In the case of deep and extensive damage, you need to trust the ready-made repair kit, which you can buy in a good construction store. Some of them need to be additionally impregnated later

Removing spot scratches in a home manner

Sometimes you can use home remedies for scratches on floor panels. In the case of single scratches, nail polish is enough to fill even a deep scratch. Another simple way is to rub the floor with a piece of walnut

Laminate panels. How to deal with scratches?

In case of laminated panels , removing scratches can be more difficult. A good solution is to use a special masking pencil. The trick is to choose the best color to match the color of the panel. In case of more severe damages on the surface of the laminate you will need a repair kit in the form of wax

Care of the floor panels

However, it is worth remembering that it is always better to prevent scratches than to repair it later. Panels are damaged by water, dust and sand, among other things. A thin layer of preservative on such a surface is always a good idea because we will never be able to fully remove all the contaminants on an ongoing basis. Sometimes, a properly cared for laminate floor will last in good condition for over 12 years.

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