Are air fresheners harmful?

Are air fresheners harmful?
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Each of us likes to surround ourselves with beautiful scents. That is why air fresheners have become so popular. Unfortunately, in every house it happens that we want to mask the floating fragrances and we reach for scented sprays, diffusers, scented sticks or electric plug-ins. But are they safe?

What do they contain and do they harm your health?

Many people are convinced about the harmfulness of home fragrances, which, if inhaled regularly, can cause many illnesses, i.e. lung diseases, including cancer, allergic conditions or asthma. However, there are also alternative, safer ways on the market, such as diffusers based on natural ingredients.

When we carefully read the ingredients on the packaging, it turns out that scented aerosols, candles or some diffusers may contain, among others, toxic ingredients that negatively affect our health, such as camphor, ethanol, phenol, benzyl alcohol or petroleum distillates of petrol, petroleum or limonene.

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Reach for nature

If you want your home to smell nice, you can make a safe air freshener yourself, which will also become a pleasant aromatherapy. Use distilled water mixed with natural essential oil in a spray bottle.

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