How to clean a room? Step by step

How to clean a room? Step by step
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To make cleaning one of the more enjoyable chores in the house, it should be properly planned. For this, you should prepare cleaning products and all the accessories necessary to clean the furniture from dust or decorations from glass. Besides, you also need to find time for it. How to clean a room? We give you a hint!

How do I clean my room?

For cleaning your room you will need comfortable, homely clothes, which will provide you with full comfort while moving around. Also prepare the necessary accessories and cleaning products, including:

  • furniture cleaner,
  • glass cleaner,
  • electronic equipment cleaner – including your TV,
  • cloth,
  • vacuum cleaner and mop.

For more energy, put on some musical support! Include songs that motivate you. A good attitude also has an impact on how to clean a room faster and more pleasantly.

Start by putting things in order

The first thing you need to do when cleaning a room is to put everything back where it belongs. First get rid of the junk – paper, used tissues, and items that are no longer usable. For example, if you have a stained blouse that has been sitting on your chair for months and you’re going to clean it again and, if that doesn’t work, wear it around the house – you’d better let it go. You’ll save time, and you’re sure to find a garment in your closet that will be perfect to wear around the house

Besides, we are often used to decorations that please our eye. Look around your room and make sure they are all in good condition and definitely needed.

The next step to take when cleaning the room is to bring the dishes to the kitchen. However, don’t start washing them – there will still be time for that. Such unforeseen actions affect how to clean a room quickly and efficiently. It is definitely better to focus on one room.

Always group items and arrange them by categories . Books should have their place, quite like newspapers, cosmetics and remote controls. Items that you reach for quite often should be at your fingertips. But that doesn’t mean they have to create general chaos. Use bins, boxes, jars, baskets or drawer organizers.

Put clothes in a laundry basket or closet. If you come across things you don’t know what to do with yet because they don’t have a place in your home, gather them in one place, such as a large basket. Put it in a visible place so that you can organize them later.

How to clean a room? The next step is vacuuming

Once you get rid of unnecessary things from the room, start vacuuming the apartment. Start with those items that are uppermost, namely the chandelier, lamps, shelves and paintings. If you haven’t cleaned such places as the corners of the walls and ceilings for a long time, be sure to sweep them clean of dust and any cobwebs. Then move on to cleaning your dresser, table and other furniture.

If you have an upholstered couch and you want to get rid of crumbs quickly, use a vacuum cleaner to do so. Still seeing tiny hairs or pet hair? Try using a clothes roller to get rid of them.

When cleaning the room, don’t skip cleaning the decorations, TV, clocks or remote controls. Each of these accessories should also be thoroughly washed. By the way, you can organize the shelf space.

For glass surfaces, you’ll need glass cleaner, as well as a microfiber cloth (or paper towel) for polishing. That way you won’t get streaks.

Textiles – don’t forget about them!

Set aside any blankets and pillowcases for laundering. If you have replacement textiles this is the best time to put them on. You can also open a window during this time to air out the room.

Washing floors while cleaning the room

Leave the floor cleaning for the very end. If you do it at the beginning, cleaning the dust off the dresser later can re-contaminate the panels or carpet. Go for vacuuming first and then wet cleaning the floor. Remember to choose the right cleaning products – depending on what kind of material you have.

What about cleaning the windows?

Let’s not kid ourselves, window cleaning is quite time-consuming, so you might want to schedule it for another day

If you organize the time well for cleaning your room and other rooms in the house, it will be simpler to maintain order, and the whole process will go more smoothly.

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