Blinds or curtains – what to choose?

Blinds or curtains – what to choose?
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Both variants can help to effectively obscure the windows – in this they are similar. Roller blinds are the choice for more modern interiors. Curtains, on the other hand, are an important part of decor such as boho or Scandinavian style. Which option is worth betting on?

What are roller blinds valued for?

They are considered a minimalist solution. No wonder that they are used primarily in case of modern interiors. When rolled up they are almost invisible – for some people this is a delight, for others it is a drawback. Certainly during the day they will not perform a decorative function, as curtains do. Additionally they are recommended for those people who do not like making changes in the interior design

Roller blinds for small rooms

However, the minimalism of the roller blinds is a very good proposal for small rooms. They are also used for small windows located in large spaces

Roller blinds for allergy sufferers

The choice of roller blinds is also recommended to people who have problems with dust allergy. Their advantage is that they do not collect dust which over time settles on curtains.

What are the contraindications for choosing roller blinds?

Such blinds for windows should not be used in certain circumstances. A contraindication is growing flowers on the windowsill – they can be damaged when moving the blinds, and the plants may leave stains on the material, which will be difficult to remove. They will also look bad e.g. in glamour type interiors

Types of interior roller blinds

We can choose at least several types of roller blinds and blinds for rooms. With each of them a different installation method is used, they have different durability and aesthetic qualities. These will include:

  • roman blinds – are a compromise between the functions of roller blinds and the decorative character of curtains; they are often very colorful and beautiful;
  • austrian roller blinds – decorative, they crease evenly when rolled up, very impressive; a good alternative to curtains;
  • cassette roller blinds – accordion-shaped, can be free-hanging or placed on the guides; they are quite durable and easy to clean;
  • verticals – mounted in an easy way, they are made of vertical strips of fabric or wood;
  • wooden blinds;
  • aluminum blinds;
  • day-night roller blinds – can be used in a very wide range; consist of transparent and blackout strips, whose setting allows light or not;
  • free-hanging roller blinds – easy to install; they consist of fabric placed on a roll, which unrolls after pulling the strings;
  • roof blinds – designed for skylights;
  • pleated roller blinds.

Why do we put up with curtains?

Beautiful curtains are certainly a more classic way not only to darken the interior, but also to create an original interior design. At the same time we have great possibilities: in the interior design curtains can be integrated by color, pattern, but also the very material from which they are made

Can curtains be effective in shading windows?

You can certainly provide yourself with adequate room darkening with the help of curtains. However, you need to choose them in the right way. Heavy curtains, typical for hotels, can provide a lot of privacy in any situation. They also look good. Fabric curtains will also always cover the window space more tightly than roller blinds, which usually adhere less well to the surface

When should you choose curtains instead of roller blinds?

We will bet on them when we want to have greater arrangement possibilities. First of all, curtains are much easier to change. The dismantling of roller blinds, although it does not necessarily take long, is much more troublesome

Large windows or a space that can be arranged in a striking style (e.g. New York, glamour) are conducive to the use of high-quality curtains with appropriately selected color and texture. Let us remember that curtains mean timeless elegance. Modern roller blinds may lack it a bit. One should also remember that thick curtains may create acoustic and thermal insulation

The former will be useful when we want to take a nap during the day. Noises coming from outside will be less disturbing. The latter will be useful if the windows are older and leaky

Roller blinds or curtains? Which one to choose?

In practice, the choice is difficult and it is not easy to decide. Sometimes interior decorators tend to combine the decorative function of curtains with practical roller blinds. Then you can combine both types of blinds, but one of them must be definitely more impressive and striking. Usually the curtains that fit into the interior design look better. An alternative is to use a Roman blind. Beautifully creased and made of good quality material can be a real decoration of the interior.

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