How to take care of a Christmas tree in a pot to make it last as long as possible?

How to take care of a Christmas tree in a pot to make it last as long as possible?
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Christmas tree is one of the traditional decorations of Christmas. More and more people buy a live tree. How to take care of it to make it last as long as possible?

Is a live Christmas tree the most beautiful?

Despite the great popularity of artificial trees, every year there are more and more live Christmas trees sold. The Poles more and more willingly choose for Christmas the live trees, which by the beautiful smell will bring the unique Christmas mood into the house. Unfortunately a live Christmas tree has one big disadvantage – it is nice for a very short time. What to do in order to enjoy the beautiful view of a Christmas tree longer?

How to buy a Christmas tree?

When choosing a Christmas tree for your home, you should pay attention to the color of the needles and the flexibility of the branches. If the needles are dark green and the branches are flexible, the Christmas tree is fresh.

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If you decide on a live Christmas tree and you want to enjoy it as long as possible, choose a fir that will look nice even for a few weeks.

If your Christmas tree is only going to last a few days, then the best choice will be the common spruce, which loses its needles quickly and is much cheaper than the fir.

What to do in order to keep a Christmas tree fresh longer?

In order to keep your Christmas tree fresh for as long as possible, you should clean it from dirt and dust right after bringing it home. Just do this with clean water and a cotton cloth

If you want your Christmas tree to look beautiful for a long time, it is advisable to water it regularly. The soil in the pot should be constantly moist, but not wet (it can accelerate the tree drying out). Fertilize the tree every few days with liquid fertilizers for houseplants

10 ways to enjoy a beautiful Christmas tree

  1. When buying a Christmas tree for your home, choose the freshest tree possible.
  2. If the Christmas tree was purchased outdoors, it should be gradually accustomed to room temperature. It is best to keep it for 1-2 days in a room with a temperature of about 5°C, then move it to a room with a temperature of 10°C for about 2 days.
  3. In the room where the tree will stand, the temperature should not exceed 20 °.
  4. The Christmas tree must be placed away from heat sources.
  5. Before putting the tree in the stand, it should be hardened by cutting off about 3 cm of the trunk and then quickly put into hot water.
  6. Set the cut tree in a stand filled with water.
  7. Water the Christmas tree once a week with a green plant conditioner.
  8. Clean the tree thoroughly before decorating it.
  9. To decorate your tree, use LED lights that produce less heat than traditional lights.
  10. If there are small children at home, it is worth following a few rules:
    • the Christmas tree should be placed away from the sofa and cabinets;
    • the trunk of the tree should be tied to a cabinet or other heavier furniture;
    • baubles on a Christmas tree should be plastic;
    • make sure that the child does not have access to the wires of the lights.
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