Gas or electric grill? What to choose for the garden?

Gas or electric grill? What to choose for the garden?
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Barbecue season is in full swing. However, we can not always use the traditional equipment, which is fired with charcoal.Then we are left with a dilemma: gas or electric grill? What are the strengths and weaknesses of both solutions?

Why a traditional charcoal grill is not always a good solution?

In our country grilling is traditionally associated with the use of charcoal-fired equipment. For many people, the laborious task of lighting briquettes, of course without firelighters, and waiting for the right temperature for grilling is the essence of the common feast. At the same time, dishes prepared in this way are supposed to be the tastiest.

When a charcoal barbecue will not work?

First of all, it can not be lit on a small terrace. Sometimes its use may also raise objections on a recreational plot or in tight buildings. Then there are the problems with firing up, cleaning and the long time you have to wait before you can put food on the grate. Finally: a charcoal grill is not very economical and environmentally friendly.

Gas grill and its advantages. What are the most important ones?

The gas grill is probably the most serious competitor to the traditional charcoal-fired one. First of all, you can use it virtually anywhere. And that includes the balcony or terrace. This is because the preparation of dishes on such a grill will not be accompanied by unpleasant smoke

Someone who buys a gas grill, will also be able to say goodbye to firelighters and alternative ways of lighting charcoal, which can be cumbersome. Four other things speak in favor of this type of equipment:

  • the gas grill is more environmentally friendly than its charcoal counterpart,
  • almost immediately after switching on is ready for use, where in the case of a charcoal device you have to wait up to 30 minutes,
  • gas barbecue is characterized by a certain mobility – it can be transported with the cylinder, which allows you to go with it, for example, on a camping trip,
  • this type of equipment are equipped with systems that facilitate their cleaning, which saves time.

Why not choose a gas grill?

The main disadvantage of a gas grill is that you will pay more for the unit itself. This may deter those who grill occasionally from making the purchase. If someone needs the device two or three times a season, they are more likely to buy a cheap and simple sheet metal grill and pay more for charcoal as fuel.

In the case of people who grill more often, these proportions are completely reversed. The rather large expense for the device pays for itself due to the lower price and higher efficiency of gas as fuel.

Electric grill and the strengths of its use

The most ecological, easy to clean and ignite electric grills are increasingly popular. Prepared on them in nothing inferior to the dishes that are baked on a charcoal grill. Such a device can be used on the balcony or terrace, but practically nothing stands in the way of using them also inside the house.

What are the disadvantages of electric grills?

The main disadvantage of electric barbecue is that to use it, you need to put a plug in a contact with electricity. Taking such a device with you on a camping trip in a desolate place thus becomes a hassle. Although you can take with you, for example, a generator, but why actually do it?

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