Can a washing machine be cleaned with vinegar?

Can a washing machine be cleaned with vinegar?
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The washing machine is one of the most commonly used household appliances. Some people wash clothes every day, and with a larger family even twice a day. No wonder it wears out and requires frequent cleaning. This is not only about the aesthetics of the device, but also about its performance. Can you clean a washing machine with vinegar?

If the drum of a washing machine is not cleaned, limescale builds up, which over time can lead to the destruction of individual components and dirty clothes. Moreover, an unpleasant smell often comes out of an unclean washing machine. Fortunately, it can be easily cleaned with the help of cleaners available in every kitchen!

Why should I clean my washing machine regularly?

Remember that a washing machine is in constant contact with water and is therefore heavily used. It is a household appliance, which will not clean and repair itself. Otherwise, white clothes can turn gray, and the rest of the things taken out of the wash will have an unpleasant smell. The omnipresent moisture is responsible for this state of affairs. Its increased level causes the formation of mold, mildew and limescale. Regular cleaning is extremely important for technical reasons. Hair, fabric fibers, receipts hidden in pockets clog the filters, so the washing machine does not work as it should. Therefore, it is so important to thoroughly clean it once in a while

How to clean a washing machine at home?

You will hear a lot about cleaning your washing machine with vinegar. Vinegar is a proven cleaner that does a great job with dirt, and it’s not just for household appliances.

Cleaning with vinegar saves time and money. By using it in your bathroom you will be more eco-friendly! Unfortunately, off-the-shelf products are synthetic and caustic, irritating your eyes and damaging the delicate skin on your hands. If you wonder whether you can use vinegar to clean your washing machine, the answer is – YES. It not only cleans, but also acts as a germicide. If you want to clean your washing machine effectively and completely ecologically, we recommend vinegar, baking soda and citric acid. You can find each of these products in your kitchen

Complete washing machine cleaning with vinegar

Cleaning your washing machine with vinegar is very simple. Just use a glass of vinegar and warm water. If you want to clean your washing machine comprehensively, you will also need a dishwashing sponge and a toothbrush or a small kitchen brush. Remember that a washing machine is not only the drum, but also the powder and rinse liquid containers and filters.

If you want to clean the detergent and rinse-aid tanks, carefully pull them out of the washing machine. If the dirt is dried on, we recommend putting it in a bowl of warm water for 30 minutes. Then, clean the uncleaned dirt with vinegar and water. A dishwashing sponge will come in handy for this purpose. Soak it first in warm water and then in vinegar. Then gently wash the dispenser. If this is not enough, use a toothbrush. After cleaning, rinse the dispenser thoroughly, dry it, and then put it in the washing machine

Next, you should clean the drum of your washing machine. Unfortunately, wiping it with a cloth is insufficient and gives negligible results. You can do it effectively with the help of vinegar. You need to follow the following steps. Pour ¾ cup of spirit vinegar into the powder container, then turn on the full cycle and set the temperature to 90 degrees C

Remember that the drum of the washing machine must be empty. Vinegar is a great disinfectant and cleans the washing machine, but it leaves an unpleasant smell. How to get rid of it? Open the drum of your washing machine and ventilate it thoroughly or put some washing powder in the dispenser and wash another load of laundry “on empty”. The problem will be solved

Use vinegar to descale your washing machine

Vinegar not only disinfects but also removes limescale. A descaled washing machine is a common problem. It not only looks unsightly, but also impedes its operation. How to deal with this problem? In this case, vinegar will also work great. It should be used in the same way as when cleaning the washing machine. To the powder dispenser, pour 2 liters of vinegar, then set the machine to 90 degrees C and run a full cycle of washing. Such a procedure performed once a month will prevent scale deposits in the hydrostatic system or on the heater

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