How to build a terrace yourself?

How to build a terrace yourself?
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Whether you own a detached single-family home or live in a semi-detached house, a patio is the perfect place to relax. Do you want to build it yourself? See what you need to keep in mind.

Planning the construction

First of all, you need to measure the free space where you can plan the terrace. Initially, you can plot your design on an ordinary piece of paper, and when you have the right dimensions, use a string outside the building. Stretch it between the stakes to see visually how big the terrace will be.

You also need to pay attention to how high the surrounding area is. The floor inside the building should not be lower than the floor level of the terrace. A wooden terrace can be laid, for example, on concrete posts or blocks or a pre-hardened substrate, such as flagstones,on which joists must be attached. The important thing is that the substrate must be dry and very stable. This ensures that the terrace will not collapse under the weight of the installation

Opt for timeless wood

It’s also worth considering the material for your patio. Wooden decking boards, which are available in a variety of colors and sizes, will work well in front of any house. Choose a material that, if regularly maintained, will perform its task perfectly for a long time

What kind of wood will work well as an element of the terrace? Certainly pine, which is quite popular and relatively cheap, and larch. An incredibly durable material is exotic wood for the terrace. This option is slightly more expensive, but you do not have to worry about resistance to moisture or damage caused by harsh weather conditions. Interestingly, exotic wood can survive in harsh conditions even… 50 years! Moreover, it does not require impregnation and looks really elegant.

Wood planks should be treated with oil or varnish. If you have unfinished wood, you can do it yourself and give it a suitable shade. However, this option is more time-consuming.

Do-it-yourself patio installation

As we mentioned earlier, you need a solid and stable foundation to build a terrace. If you have poured concrete or created a level surface yourself with flagstones, you now need to fix the joists parallel to the building. You can make them out of wooden squared timber, for example, which you can get at any DIY store. Fix them every 50-60 centimeters with screws, nails or bolts. You will also need good quality nuts. Drilling into concrete definitely requires a lot of strength and a hammer drill.

Start installing the wood planks from the side of the house. Use screws or nails for this. It’s best to lay the boards in one direction; if you also want to optically enlarge the terrace, lay them perpendicular to the house.

You can also vary the terrace depending on your needs. In addition to the terrace boards, you should also think about a suitable fencing system and sails, which are a modern solution for roofing. This will allow you to relax in complete comfort during the summer. Get inspired and choose the right products at

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