7 ideas for valentine’s day – how to spend it?

7 ideas for valentine’s day – how to spend it?
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Many people consider Valentine’s Day to be a commercial holiday that is unnecessary and full of tacky decorations. However, still a large group of people declares that they celebrate this day and spend it in a unique way. In this text we suggest how to spend the holiday of love so that it is a wonderful and unforgettable time of the year

You have no idea how to spend this year’s Valentine’s Day? But you don’t want it to be another evening watching series on Netfix and ordering takeaway food? Relax! We’ve put together 7 great Valentine’s Day ideas that are fun, cute, and sure to bring you closer together

How to spend Valentine’s Day in an original and unique style?

1. Cooking lesson

A great way to spend Valentine’s Day is to go to an organized cooking workshop. This is a great way to show your creativity and test your ability to cooperate. In addition, you can learn to prepare interesting dishes, often exotic and from distant countries. There is no cooking without a glass of good wine, which will only add splendor to this time. The reward, of course, will be tasting the prepared dishes together

2. Going to a concert

A great way to spend the Lovers’ Day in an unforgettable way is to go to a club that plays music you love or that you don’t know yet . Brilliant if you manage to listen to a live concert, such an experience is great entertainment. Check if there is a jazz club or philharmonic in your city that you have never been to

3. Light a bonfire

Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14, so it’s practically the middle of winter. If you love nature and being outdoors, a romantic option would be to make a bonfire together. However, choose a place where you can do it, as lighting a bonfire in the woods could result in a fine

You can prepare snacks, marshmallows to roast over the fire and a thermos of warm tea. It will be an unforgettable evening that will stay in your memory for a long time

4. Going to the ice rink

People who love sports and active spending of time will surely be delighted with a date at the ice rink. During winter, many cities have ice rinks set up in markets or large squares. Usually there is cool music playing and lots of colorful lights, so it is worth going there when it gets dark. After the madness on the ice you can drink hot chocolate or cocoa

5. Visit an escape room

For fans of solving criminal puzzles the perfect way to spend Valentine’s Day is to visit an escape room, which is a room full of puzzles, clues and mysteries. In order for the organizers to let you out of such a room, you have to break the code, solve the case or find something hidden

This is an excellent form of entertainment, especially for couples who can work in a team and are not afraid of time pressure. It is worth going there with another couple you know, the more people to solve the mystery, the merrier

6. Wine tasting

An interesting way to spend time is to participate in wine or beer tasting. This event organized by the experts of the best beverages will allow you to play the connoisseurs of wine. Tasting is often combined with a dinner and gives the opportunity to meet many interesting people. Often at such an event you can listen to a lecture by a sommelier, who will introduce you to the art of tasting and tell you how to learn how to choose wine to match the dishes and circumstances served

7. Showing your favorite places in the city

An interesting way to spend your time on Valentine’s evening, especially if you don’t want to spend a fortune on a lavish dinner, is to go for a walk around the city

You can buy a big mug of coffee to go and stroll around your favorite streets and nooks. This is also the perfect time to show off which place is special to you or if you have fond memories of it. It’s also a great opportunity to take in tourist attractions that you don’t usually have time for

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