What does it take to make sushi?

What does it take to make sushi?
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Do you love sushi but you would like to try making it at home? Check out how to do it and what you need!

In the kitchen we face challenges from many cuisines of the world. It’s time to try homemade sushi! The most important thing is to equip yourself with a few essential accessories, which will make the first approach to the Japanese revolution easier! You will need a bamboo mat which will allow you to wrap ingredients placed on nori, a sharp knife, a wide spoon which will allow you to place the rice – remember that it is more compact and sticky than the one we use every day. A board, a wide pot, wooden chopsticks and small bowls in which you can serve sauces and ginger

Sushi has many types. The most popular ones are nigiri, maki, uramaki and temaki. If you are making sushi for the first time, it is best to start with the last type, namely temaki. In this case, we place the rice with all our favorite toppings on a nori sheet and use a bamboo mat to wrap the roll

Image by Kevin Petit from Pixabay

Once you have the necessary accessories, it’s time to get down to buying the necessary ingredients. This will definitely include special sushi rice, rice vinegar, sugar, salt, nori, wasabi, pickled ginger, soy sauce, and all your favorite toppings. Among others: fresh fish, avocado, cucumber, turnip, avocado, mango, crab sticks, Philadelphia cheese, lettuce, shitake mushrooms

Tasty, homemade sushi is a mission to accomplish. You only need to buy a few necessary accessories and ingredients and with a bit of patience you can prepare delicious Japanese delicacy on your own!

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