Wall decorations – what should guide the choice?

Wall decorations – what should guide the choice?
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Interior accessories and decorations, especially wall decorations, can completely change the interior and give it character. However, the choice on the market is so large that sometimes you may not know what to decide on. Therefore, we suggest which wall decorations work best for you

Bet on art – paintings as decoration of your home

Nothing will decorate an interior so beautifully and will give it an unusual and unique atmosphere as art. Paintings will be a great addition to decoration of a living room, bedroom or a hall. Depending on your taste, you can bet on well-known artists or look for young, yet undiscovered painters. Certainly, both of these solutions will make your walls a pleasure for the eye. If your interior has a Scandinavian style, then modern art will be the best choice – geometric and simple forms will fit perfectly with the whole arrangement. If you prefer something more in the style of glaomur or retro chic then you will surely be delighted with replicas of great works like Gustav Klimt’s Kiss or Van Gogh’s art. However, if you prefer more daring content and you are not afraid of grandeur and a bit dark atmosphere, you will surely be charmed by paintings of Zdzisław Beksiński.

Decoration made of brick or stone

Wall decorations made of brick or decorative stone are extremely popular but also very aesthetic and impressive. The irregular texture attracts the eye and beautifully emphasizes the arrangement of the apartment. Such decoration will look best if you place it on one selected wall in your interior. They are most often used in living rooms or bedrooms, but they will look great in the kitchen as well. Characteristic scratches, gouges and chipped areas will find their use in many styles – Scandinavian, modern, industrial, minimalist or rustic


Green boards, on which you can write with chalk, we usually associate only with school and the answer to a grade. It does not have to be like that at all! The chalkboard can also be a great decoration of your home. It will be perfect in the kitchen, where you will be able to write on it your favorite recipes, shopping list, or messages for other household members. You can also use the chalkboard as a place to collect signatures and drawings from your guests. If everyone who comes to visit your friends and family signs and draws something, you’ll have a great souvenir. A chalkboard is also great for families with small children. It will be an added attraction for them, and parents will avoid the surprise of painted walls. Chalk markers can be purchased as an accessory, for example from https://blackdecor.pl/31-markery-kredowe – after all, you have to write on it, right?


A calendar will also be an extremely practical decoration of your wall. You can choose the classic one, showing only months and days, or you can decide on a more elaborate version with photos. However, these do not have to be ready-made photos of landscapes or animals – a great choice will be a calendar that you can design yourself, for example on https://fotobum.pl/kategoria/106-fotokalendarze.

Main photo: Huseyn Kamaladdin/pexels.com

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