Spice grinder – manual or automatic?

Spice grinder – manual or automatic?
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Without a doubt, aromatic spices are what give our kitchen a special flair. This is even more true of freshly ground spices. What kind of grinder should you go for – manual or automatic?

Advantages of grinding spices just before use

Adding aromatic spices to dishes is one of the factors that greatly improve their taste and smell. Although the most basic spices are salt and pepper, in every kitchen there are also many others. They all have their uses not only in improving smell and taste, but also have their health benefits

However, regardless of why we reach for a particular spice, by far the best solution is to grind it just before adding it to the dish. This will give you the clearest flavor and aroma effects. What’s more, we need one appliance which is fully sufficient to prepare spices. We are, of course, talking about the grinder. But when we decide to buy this equipment, one natural question arises: choose a manual mill or an automatic, electric one?

In the mill of tradition – grinding with a manual mill

Another term for manual mills is “mechanical” or “manual”. They have been used in kitchens for years, even before the advent of their electronic counterparts. Modern manufacturers of hand grinders often try to emphasize the retro style of this equipment, although there are also models that bear a striking resemblance to modern electric equipment

Despite appearances, a manual mill does not have to be inferior. On the contrary, the slower grinding time of spice grains (such as pepper) increases their quality and allows you to preserve the full flavor. However, this solution is recommended for people who can afford to use a little force

In this case, both wooden, steel and glass mills are perfect for home kitchen. What’s more, some spices are available in stores in special packages that allow manual grinding, although a better option will be to opt for a more traditional action.

Modernity in spice grinding

With the development of technology, manual grinders have naturally gained their competitor: electric grinders. These are equipped with an automatic grinding mechanism. After connecting to electricity and pressing the appropriate button, the mill will grind spices on its own, and we will not have to wrestle with the crank

The length of holding the button will also reflect the degree of grinding of the added spices. Automatic grinders are convenient, operated with one hand, and most models allow you to adjust the thickness of spice grinding. What’s more, they are made from the same materials as manual grinders. Automatic mills are divided into two types:

  • electric broom mills – the principle of operation of these mills resembles traditional manual ones, although, of course, the whole grinding process is fully automated. The most important thing is that the use of querns does not reduce the quality of spices subjected to grinding;
  • electric impact mills – in them, the querns are replaced by blades. In the case of these grinders spices are sometimes even crushed to fine dust, which can significantly reduce their flavor.

Which grinder to choose?

Ultimately, you need to make a key decision and answer the question: which mill should you invest in? In this case, you should tailor your choice according to your personal preferences. Certainly, an electric grinder can help save us time, but choosing a version with blades can degrade the quality of the spices we add, which is not what we want after all

Classic kitchens love hand grinders, traditional ones that offer spices with unique flavor and aroma – they will certainly reward the effort and time spent grinding. However, an electric grinder mill will make things easier. So the final choice depends on which solution you are most interested in.

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