Is Teflon cookware bad for your health?

Is Teflon cookware bad for your health?
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Teflon is a plastic that is increasingly being discussed as a dangerous and harmful product. Heating Teflon cookware can have a negative impact on health, and scratches on the surface have a carcinogenic effect. Should we be afraid to use it in the kitchen?

Discussions over the harmfulness of Teflon is quite a controversial topic. Dishes made of this material prevents food from sticking when cooking or frying. In the following article we will answer the question – are the dishes from Teflon are harmful, and whether leading a healthy lifestyle, you can use them?

A brief history of Teflon

How Teflon was invented Teflon may surprise you; well, it was created by accident. It was discovered at Dupont by Dr. Roy Plunkett in 1938. After that, the chemical company began to study the newly created plastic, in terms of finding a use for it and then selling it. After about 3 years Teflon was patented and trademarked. Initially, it was very expensive to produce and was used mainly in the industrial sector. It was not until 1960 that Teflon began to be used as a top layer on pots and pans to prevent food from sticking

Is Teflon safe?

There is no clear answer to this question. The best we have found is: it depends when – and to a large extent it depends on how you use the Teflon cookware. In general, Teflon belongs to the plastic safe for our health, if we use it properly. It is important to always carefully read the information attached to the purchased Teflon pots or pans. Thanks to them we will be sure, if we follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. Frying, cooking or blanching food on Teflon surface requires focus and concentration. We can not let the situation that our dish will be burned. Before you decide on a pan made of Teflon, make sure what foods and products it is dedicated to. It is not a universal pan or pot for each type of product.

How to use Teflon safely?

Every food needs different levels of heat treatment. Teflon is a material on which you can cook dishes that require low and medium temperatures. A Teflon pan is perfect for scrambled eggs with crispy bacon, but not necessarily for steak. To find out which products can be safely prepared on a Teflon pan, you need to assess how much water contains in the product, which you plan to cook for a meal. The safe temperature for frying is about 100 degrees Celsius, if the product needs a higher temperature, it is better to choose a cast iron or stainless steel dish

How to keep a Teflon cookware in good condition?

  • After cooking and washing the Teflon pan, you should immediately prepare it for the next use. For this purpose, the dry bottom should be lubricated with a thin layer of oil and left for the next frying
  • Use a Teflon pan only when you need to cook something on low or medium heat.
  • The bottom of the pan should be almost completely used during frying. The pan heats up quickly and the unused space easily starts to burn
  • Avoid washing Teflon cookware in the dishwasher, even if the manufacturer agrees. This will not destroy our pot, but it will shorten its life.
  • Air the kitchen, if possible, during the preparation of dishes in Teflon cookware.
  • Do not use a pan, the bottom of which is scratched and the food cooked on it begins to stick. This is a clear sign that you need to recycle it and get a new dish. Frying on Teflon that has deteriorated can be carcinogenic

Using Teflon cookware is healthy and safe as long as it is chosen appropriately for the situation. Before buying a Teflon pan, you should read the guidelines, what foods and products can be prepared on it. You should also properly take care of their surface, so that they serve us for a long time

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