How to make homemade ice cream?

How to make homemade ice cream?
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Homemade ice cream can taste much better than bought ice cream. By choosing the right ingredients, homemade ice cream is also much healthier. We don’t need a special ice cream maker to make it fluffy and tasty. Here are some recipes for homemade ice cream

Strawberry and cream homemade ice cream

Strawberries and cream are a perfect combination. To make this kind of ice cream, beat the 30% cream with a mixer. The cream does not have to be strongly whipped. It is enough for it to be fluffy. Add powdered sugar or stevia to the mixture. Then add the sliced strawberries. You can also partially blend them to make a fruit mousse. Strawberries are very sweet, so do not add sugar. Mix all together, put into a plastic container and put into the freezer

It is important to remove the container after about 2 hours and blend the mixture. This is very important, because thanks to this no lumps will form inside. Blend the frozen ice cream a few more times. You can also add half a packet of cream-fix to the ice cream mixture to make it fluffy. It tastes perfect with fresh fruit or topping.

Homemade ice cream with caramel

Many people love caramel ice cream. The ones often available in stores have little to do with caramel. Ice cream with real caramel, on the other hand, is very expensive. Caramel for ice cream can be made by yourself at home and for very little money

It is enough to gently melt sugar in a pan. Try not to stir the sugar at the beginning, but only after it has dissolved add some water. Slowly add the 30% cake cream left over after whipping to the sugar with water and stir. Everything must be done over low heat, otherwise the cream will curdle. Let the caramel cool slightly, then add it to the whipped cream

We can also add chopped peanuts, but it is advisable to do this only after mixing the mixture a few times. Prepared ice cream can be sprinkled with crushed nuts

Sorbet from frozen food

In winter you do not have to give up delicious sorbets. You can make them yourself at home from frozen fruit. You just need to prepare sugar syrup – boil water with sugar until it becomes thick liquid. Blend frozen fruit and add previously prepared syrup. Mixed fruits with syrup add to a container and put in the freezer. Every 20 minutes or so you should shake them to make the mixture evenly frozen. Instead of sugar syrup you can also add honey or loose stevia

How to make fluffy ice cream?

An important step when making homemade ice cream is to mix or stir it regularly during freezing. Otherwise, lumps will form in the ice cream, and it will be too hard to scoop when you take it out of the freezer

This is quite time consuming, however, it gives a very good result. After about 3-4 hours after the last mixing , the ice cream is ready to eat. Sorbet ice cream should also be stirred, as the ice particles formed in it can make the ice cream difficult to put on. It will certainly be easier if you buy a special ice cream maker that whips the mixture as it freezes.

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