How to renovate the interior of your home? Top 6 ideas

How to renovate the interior of your home? Top 6 ideas
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Do you feel that the interior of your home needs renewal? Relax, you do not have to do a complete renovation right away, just a few decorating tricks to give your four corners a fresh look.

Every change in the interior is associated with a major overhaul, a lot of dust, mess, and then a headache of how to arrange it in an interesting way? Change your thinking! We will show you that with simple interior design tricks you can carry out a spectacular metamorphosis of the interior. We present top 6 ideas for renovating your home. It turns out that it does not have to be expensive – all you need is a bit of time and creativity. You also do not need to hire a renovation team

1. Refresh your furniture – repaint it

In the season 2021 white is again on top – and always has been, because it is a classic and timeless color. A good idea to refresh the interior will be repainting the furniture in white. Especially effective will be the wooden ones, then you will give them a slightly different style. White is both a domain of modern and retro style, it is a companion of minimalism, also optically enlarges the room. You can repaint both the kitchen furniture and those in the living room

In the kitchen it is enough to repaint only the fronts, and the interior of the shelves can remain in the current color – it will create a good-looking contrast. You can paint white not only wooden furniture, but also those made of veneer. Remember that before you start painting, you need to disassemble the furniture of all movable parts and protect those parts which you do not want to paint with tape.

2. Wallpaper on the wall? Why not! It gives freshness

In the 1990s it was fashionable to wallpaper all the walls in a room. Today wallpaper, or rather photo wallpapers, are back in style and it is a good way to renew the interior. However, we do not recommend covering every wall, but only one. Depending on the whole arrangement vision, e.g. a living room, we can choose ourselves which wall it should be. Such a wall does not need to be filled, sanded or painted. Wallpaper can be used to cover wall flaws, which could not be hidden under a layer of paint. Remember that before wallpapering, the wall must be properly prepared. The surface for wallpaper must be clean, dry and smooth.

3. Fashionable window sill overlays

A small but very effective change will also be the use of overlays on window sills. They often develop various cavities, after all, they are strongly exposed, we put on them even heavy porcelain pots with flowers, which can scratch them. So using overlays for windowsills, we can easily refresh our interior. Such accessories are available in interior stores in different variants. Their models imitate wood, marble, they are also in white version. Installation of such overlays is not complicated, so you will certainly manage to install them without the help of a professional.

4. Brick wall in the living room. An interesting accent to various interiors

The motif of brick is usually associated with industrial interior, but it can also be used in other decorative climates. The whole surface of the wall but also its part can be used for decorative brick segment. Building such a wall requires extraordinary precision, but it is also worth bearing in mind that building it will reduce the size of the interior, so it is a better solution in larger rooms.

5. Wooden accessories

To renew the interior a bit, it is enough to choose/change decorative elements for wooden ones. Wooden accents, whether in the form of PVC panels imitating wood, or even trinkets will give the interior a modern look. Besides, wood is easy to clean.

6. Swap curtains for roller blinds

While curtains and drapes can be overwhelming, roller blinds have a more modern look. They’re easy to install, come in lots of different varieties and with blackout options. You can pull them down at any time and let more light into the interior. If we want to give the interior a lightness, it is worth choosing curtains of the so-called flowing, airy materials such as tulle or satin.

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