How to pack for a camping vacation?

How to pack for a camping vacation?
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In recent years, camping is gaining popularity. More and more people are opting for this form of vacation. 

Campsites, which were loved in the 1990s, are back in favor again. Young people have begun to appreciate this form of recreation. It has many advantages, allows you to commune with nature and does not burden your wallet. In addition, it is an amazing adventure, which is in vain to be found when resting in a luxury hotel. Some people also say that camping vacation allows them to overcome their own weaknesses, and on top of that, it allows them to learn new skills that may come in handy in life. As you can see, the advantages are plentiful, only how to prepare for such a trip?

Bedding, blanket or sleeping bags are a must

You should certainly bring something to cover yourself with. In sports or hiking equipment stores you can find sleeping bags that are thin and take up little space, but they are made of such materials, using such technologies, that even on a cold night there is no fear of getting cold. Bedding is arguably more comfortable, but to carry it you need more space. And for such trips, too much luggage will not fit. 

A blanket is also useful, with which you can not only cover yourself, but also take with you, for example, to a clearing or beach. 

Food preparation equipment

On camping trips we are usually forced to prepare our own meals. That’s why it’s basic to take a gas bottle, cooking utensils and a tourist refrigerator (unless you have one in your vehicle’s equipment). A table and folding chairs will also come in handy, so that you don’t have to eat on the ground, in your RV or trailer. 

Food that won’t spoil quickly

On camping trips, no one is likely to spend much time cooking. For such a vacation, dishes that are prepared quickly and on top of that won’t spoil even outside the refrigerator work well. So the basis is all kinds of canned, jarred dishes, pasta, cereals and sauces. It’s a good idea to plan your meals for each day before you leave, so you can make them quickly later and enjoy your vacation.

Clothes – what kind to take?

Elegant outfits or dresses are unlikely to work on a camping trip. So it’s best to take sporty, comfortable clothing that will work in a variety of situations. It is certainly worthwhile to also bring some kind of sweatshirt, jacket and raincoat. It is worthwhile to carefully analyze what clothes we will need and only take such clothes with us. 


At campgrounds you can find stores where you can buy almost everything you need, but they are not everywhere. So it is better not to count on them and pack well for the trip. Certainly the basics are cosmetics – soap, shampoo, toothpaste, etc. A good option is to buy them in smaller packages to take up less space. There are even ready-made trip kits in drugstores, where the most necessary cosmetics are available in tiny bottles. 

On top of that, it’s mandatory to take mosquito spray with you, especially since campsites are often set up near grasses, forests and water, and there is no shortage of these insects.

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