How to knit a sweater – step by step

How to knit a sweater – step by step
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Knitting a scarf is not a challenge for you, but you dream of knitting your own sweater? In this article you will find out not only how to knit a sweater, but also what you should know before you start this handicraft.

Scarf as the basis of knitting

If you want to start your knitting adventure, then start with a simple scarf, this way you will become skilled. While knitting a scarf, you will learn how to stitch and different ways of processing stitches (so that they are always of equal size). When knitting a sweater, you hone the knitting skills you’ve already acquired while knitting a scarf.

How to knit a sweater – step by step

You can knit a sweater in a million different ways. Interesting patterns can be found in magazines “Burda” and “Diana- robótki na knutach”. I present three models of sweaters with different degrees of difficulty.

Jointed sweater

Each part of the sweater is knitted separately and then all parts are sewn together; this type of sweater is the most commonly made. If you want to make a sweater using this method, then you need to know some basic techniques viz:

  • picking up the eyelets
  • right eyelet and left eyelet
  • closing of meshes
  • adding and subtracting meshes

Knitting a sweater this way is the best way for a beginner.

Sweater in “whole”

A sweater can be knit in its entirety, that is, in circular motions. A sweater made this way does not require sewing. In most cases, the sweater is knit from the top, adding stitches in successive laps in designated places. This technique is very complicated and it is recommended for advanced people.

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Kimono sweater

This type of sweater is made as one piece, but stitched along the sides. It is most often done from the front, adding sleeves and a head opening, and ending at the back. If you want to make a sweater using this technique, you need to know:

  • acquiring the eyelets,
  • closing the eyelets,
  • right eyelet and left eyelet,
  • adding up.

Preparation to make a sweater

Before you start making the sweater, you need to:

  • Take off your measurements – if you want a more fitted sweater, then you need to measure yourself in more places including your waist and hips. If you want an oversize sweater, then measuring is enough:
    • bust circumference – chest width is important,
    • the circumference of the arm at the widest point,
    • head circumference – to determine the minimum width of the neckline.
  • Make a sample of wool – this will tell you the approximate number of stitches you need for the whole sweater.
  • Choose yarn and knitting – the thicker the wool, the faster the sweater will be made. With thick yarn, you won’t see stitch mistakes very much. If you are buying yarn online, there are usually wires to use next to it. If you opt for a smaller size of wires, the sweater will be more compact, and if the wires are thicker, the sweater will be more openwork.

A simple way to make a sweater.

1. Choose a ready-made sweater pattern.

2. Take the number of meshes – according to the pattern.

3. Following the pattern, make each of the sweater elements.

4. Sew all the pieces together.

When you knit your first sweater, you should stick to the pattern you have chosen. You can find many interesting sweater patterns for beginners on the internet.

Knitting a sweater is not as difficult as it seems. All you need is a little patience and free time to make it.

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