DIY: Coffee table in glamour style

DIY: Coffee table in glamour style
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About the fact that the glamour style is fashionable, no one needs convincing. Even a small piece of furniture in the style adds glamour to the room. Such a small coffee table in glamour style can be made by yourself.

Glamour coffee table from plastic pots

To make such a table you will need

  • two large plastic pots of the same size,
  • spray paint,
  • super glue,
  • a top cut from mdf – you can order one at any DIY store,
  • a paintbrush,
  • paint for wood.

Step by step implementation:

  1. The pre-cut MDF top should be painted twice with wood paint. When the first layer of paint dries, only then the second is applied
  2. One of the pots should be turned upside down, then glued pots so that the bottoms adhere perfectly to each other.
  3. Once they are glued together, spray paint them. It is best to do this twice. When the first coat is dry, then apply the second coat.
  4. When the paint on the pots is dry, glue the top that was painted earlier.

Cable spool table

To make this table you will need:

  • a cable reel,
  • silver or gold wood paint,
  • a paintbrush,
  • 4 furniture wheels,
  • screws,
  • screwdriver.

Making a table step by step:

  1. Paint the spool twice with wood paint. When the first coat dries, apply the second coat.
  2. When the paint is completely dry, then use a screwdriver and screws to attach the wheels to the spool.

Thick tree stand

To create such a table on your own, you will need:

  • decorative trunk without bark,
  • wood paint,
  • metal legs,
  • silver upholstery pins,
  • gold wood paint,
  • brush,
  • screwdriver,
  • screws.

Making a table step by step:

  1. The trunk should be painted twice with wood paint.
  2. To the bottom of the trunk should be attached with screws metal legs.
  3. On top of the trunk you should nail upholstery pins.

Pallet coffee table

A coffee table made of pallets fits into the fashionable eco-trends. Such a table will also be a striking eco-addition in glamour style. To make a pallet table you will need:

  • pallet,
  • acrylic metallic plexiglass cut to the size of the pallet,
  • silver metallic legs,
  • a screwdriver,
  • screws,
  • wood paint,
  • brush,
  • glue.

How to do it step by step:

  1. The pallet should be painted with wood paint.
  2. When the paint dries, then attach the legs with screws and screwdriver.
  3. On top of the pallet you should glue plexiglass.

Glamour table from metal and wood

To make such a table yourself you will need:

  • a cut slice of wood,
  • wood paint in gold or silver color,
  • brush,
  • screwdriver,
  • drill,
  • screws,
  • 4 metal feet.

Step-by-step implementation:

  1. The slice of wood should be thoroughly cleaned.
  2. Then it should be painted twice with paint for wood. When the first layer dries, then you should apply the second layer.
  3. When the wood has dried, measure the diameter of the slice to measure the spacing between the legs.
  4. Screw the legs together using a screwdriver and screws.
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