Decorative home furnishings in modern style

Decorative home furnishings in modern style
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Modern style in interiors finds more and more followers. This type of arrangement – thanks to its simplicity and functionality – attracts people who are tired of quickly passing interior trends and imposing patterns. This does not mean that modern interiors have to be minimalistic and devoid of ornaments. We present our suggestions for decorative home furnishings in modern style.

Main features of modern style

Modern style combines the use of new technologies with harmonious and timeless design elements. Apartment arranged according to the principles of modern style will contain furniture with simple shapes, neutral, muted colors and uncomplicated forms. Space, light and symmetry play an important role here. Already at the design stage, it is worth creating a coherent vision of the décor, so as to have every detail worked out. An apartment should be adapted to the user’s needs, and in the modern style, it is the functionality of the interior that is the answer to the challenges of modernity. A practically furnished apartment is conducive to leading a fast lifestyle and is easy to keep clean.

Appropriate lighting

A practical and aesthetic form of decoration are various types of lamps and light systems. Modern apartments, especially those with large space, may require lighting. For this purpose the following will work well modern table lampsand intelligent lighting, combining design with innovative technological solutions. In a modern style apartment it is worth betting on classic forms of lamps and materials of natural origin. Many people also appreciate contrasts, such as a combination of soft fabrics and streamlined lines with raw finishes, such as concrete, metal or glass. Remote-controlled lighting will allow you to adjust the intensity and color of the light to suit your current needs. You can also install special motion sensors to make the lights turn on automatically or act on voice commands.

Wall decorations

Modern style enthusiasts often advocate keeping decorations to a minimum, but carefully chosen interior decorations can optically enlarge the space and make it stand out. If you are looking for something that will emphasize the austerity of the interior and give it an industrial character, it is worth betting on architectural concrete in a light color. Many interior designers also manipulate space with mirrors. By placing a mirror in front of a window, you will give the impression that the room will look bigger

A good solution, when it comes to wall decorations, will also be modern framed paintings. Depending on the room where you want to place decorations in the form of a picture, there are different compositions available. Interiors arranged in an economical way will emphasize especially universal landscapes and abstractions. Geometric patterns placed in a contrasting frame are also very popular. When looking for a decoration, choose a home furnishings storethat offers unique and high quality products.

Ornamental plants

To modern style also fit plants in modern, concrete pots. The presence of plants in the apartment has a positive effect on air quality, and also introduces harmony into the interior. Especially live plants with unusual shapes, such as monstera or bonsai tree, will warm up the apartment and stand out against the neutral, mild color palette of modern furnishings.

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