Comfort in the living room – what will provide it?

Comfort in the living room – what will provide it?
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The living room is considered to be one of the most important rooms in a home for a reason. It is where the life of the household members often concentrates. How to arrange it so that it is not only modern, but above all full of conveniences?

Functionality and comfort are two features that should distinguish a well arranged living room. This is especially important in the case of small interiors, where it is more difficult to manage space. However, regardless of the size of the room, it is worth focusing on making sure that the accessories and furniture harmonize perfectly with each other.

What kind of furniture should I choose?

No living room, even the most beautifully decorated one, can do without a key element, which is comfortable furniture. The most important piece of equipment is the sofa. In large living rooms, corner sofas with an unfolding function work well. If you have such a possibility, place it in a central point. It is important that the sofa does not interfere with efficient movement around the living room and does not block access to e.g. chests of drawers or bookcases. For small interiors, it is recommended to place chaise longues or two- or three-seater sofas.

Armchairs can be an addition to sofas or even their substitute. A classic solution will be the so called “uchak”, which will perfectly fit into the Scandinavian style. Recommended models are those with a high backrest, to which a footrest should be added. Remember to choose an armchair with comfortable upholstery – cotton, thick velour or leather. This will make sitting much more pleasant, especially if you like reading books in your armchair

If you want to add even more modernity to your interior, choose a relaxing armchair. It is designed for massage, and its leather reflection will add a lot of elegance to the interior. You can check out sample models at

A coffee table should be placed next to the sofa or armchair. For modern interiors a glass coffee table will be a good choice, whereas in a classically furnished living room a wooden one is worth placing. You can find a large selection of the latter at A comfortable coffee table is one that is not too low – adjust its height to the sofa (it is recommended that it is 2-3 centimetres lower than the sofa). It has to be at an appropriate distance from the sofa and not be an obstacle in moving around the interior.

Seats in the living room should be soft, but they can not cause the body to collapse. Choose springy models with high and wide armrests.

It is also important to find a place for the TV – you should choose a suitable cabinet for it. It should not only match the rest of the furniture, but also be wide enough to accommodate a large device. Also pay attention to its height – it is recommended that the TV on the cabinet be below or at eye level. An alternative to the rtv cabinet can be a wall unit, which works best in small interiors

To create a comfortable living room:

– put a bookcase in it for books, plants and ornaments

– furnish it with a chest of drawers, where you will be able to store additional blankets, bedclothes and bedspreads ( furniture made of solid wood looks great)

– take care of proper lighting – standing and hanging lamps should give natural light, which will give the interior a cozy feel

Colors and patterns

When arranging the interior, you must remember that its comfort consists not only of furniture, but also of the right color of walls, equipment, accessories. A small living room will look much better if you arrange it in subdued colors, such as white or beige. However, dark colors optically reduce the space. For example, if you decide on recently fashionable black or navy blue furniture, they will go best with a light floor and a white wall. You can also break the coldness of dark furnishings, for example, by using brighter colors, such as orange. The right color match in your living room will make it an even more pleasant place to relax

When it comes to patterns of bedspreads or curtains, floral ornaments are reliable. Checked cushions, for example, are also a good solution. Remember to keep a balance in your choice and not to overwhelm the interior with too many different patterns, which will not go well with the rest of the furnishings.

Many factors contribute to the comfort of the living room – appropriate furniture and colors, well-chosen accessories. Try not to overwhelm the space with the amount of equipment. In the case of the living room, the fewer unnecessary things, the more functional and comfortable it is.

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