What and how to clean kitchen countertops?

What and how to clean kitchen countertops?
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Cleaning and maintaining your kitchen countertop will allow you to enjoy its impeccable condition for a long time. Each type of surface requires special attention and special measures, because improper cleaning can cause damage.

Granite countertops

For daily cleaning of granite countertops, dip a clean microfiber cloth in a solution of warm water and dishwashing liquid. Then gently wipe down the entire surface. Beware of all the common household products you use to clean your home, such as lemon, vinegar and anything else that is acidic. Slowly, they dissolve the coating and eventually get to the sealed layer.

When it comes to disinfecting and removing stains, granite is not difficult to maintain. In most cases, a simple daily cleaning is enough to keep your countertop sparkling.

It is not recommended to use moistened disinfecting wipes, although they seem easy and inexpensive for most users. It would be much better to use a disinfectant for granite. If you don’t have one, don’t worry. Mix a 50/50 solution of 91% isopropyl alcohol and water to get rid of any bacteria that may have spread. In rare cases, it would be best to make a paste of baking soda and water. Make the solution into a paste. Leave it for 24 hours and then wash the area with warm water and mild soap and wipe it with a cloth, such as kitchen cloths can be.

Wooden countertops

The best type would be a hardwood countertop, which surpasses all other types in terms of durability. If it is properly preserved, it can last for years.

Before you start cleaning the countertop, first collect all the food debris. A common cleaning agent is vinegar. Although most people use white vinegar, it is not recommended because it can cause the surface to wear down faster, and apple cider vinegar would be a good substitute. There are also cleaners specifically designed for wood countertops. Also, do not chop directly on it and never place hot pans or pots on it. A wooden countertop is not resistant to heat and damage.

One remedy for cleaning such a countertop is a mixed solution of salt and lemon, applied with a soft sponge to the stain. It has the power to remove even the most persistent stains. Another very widely used remedy is a rag with a bit of something oily, such as mayonnaise or petroleum jelly. It needs to stay there for a few hours for the oily substance to drive the water out of the wood.

Last but not least, oil the surface of the wood. The oil you choose will fill the rings on the surface and act as a preservative and sealant for the wood. It is recommended to use 5 to 7 coats of oil. Depending on the material and air temperature, the drying time is about 24 hours. Once a month is sufficient in terms of frequency and should keep the countertop looking nice and clean.

Marble countertops

Marble is very easily damaged by any acid, which has the power to eat away small pieces of the surface, creating dull spots called etchings. That aside, marble is one of the easiest surfaces to care for. You can clean it with anything that is not acid-based. Mix warm water and dish liquid, wipe the surface with a cloth, and wipe it down with a dry towel to remove any remaining moisture.

Again, like granite, if the marble is properly sealed, no stains should stick there, and a simple wipe down after a spill should take care of it.


There are many reasons why people choose laminate as a countertop. One of them is the price and the fact that it successfully mimics other countertops that may have originally cost much more. It’s a great way to freshen up your kitchen effortlessly, plus such a surface is very easy to maintain. It is not as durable as others, but its price makes up for that.

Don’t chop directly on it as you can easily damage it with sharp objects. Don’t place anything hot on it either. A simple soap solution applied to the surface and left there for a few minutes is enough for a daily cleaning ritual. As long as the maintenance continues, that’s all you need to keep your countertop nice and clean

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