Chamber zero – what is it and what is it used for?

Chamber zero – what is it and what is it used for?
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Refrigerator is a basic equipment of every kitchen. There are newer and newer models available on the market using the latest technologies. One of such solutions is the zero chamber. Although it sounds mysterious, many of us may unknowingly already have it in our fridge. It definitely makes storing food easier and extends the shelf life of products

The zero chamber, which is also called freshness chamber, is a solution that appeared recently in refrigerators. Initially, it was placed only in the most expensive models, but now it can be found in refrigerators priced even below 2 thousand zlotys. The circle of supporters is constantly growing and more and more people are deciding to buy a device with this function. What is the zero chamber and what is it for?

How does the zero chamber work

The zero chamber is a separate compartment in the refrigerator usually located at the very bottom. Food research shows that the recommended temperature in a refrigerator is 4 degrees Celsius. These are the best conditions for food to stay fresh for as long as possible. It has also been proven that this does not apply to all products. Fruits and vegetables spoil quickly and need a slightly lower temperature. In response to these needs, the zero chamber was developed. In this separate drawer the temperature is lower than in the rest of the refrigerator. As the name suggests – a constant 0 degrees Celsius is maintained there. Depending on the models of refrigerators, this constant varies between 2 and -1 degrees Celsius.

Some more expensive models of refrigerators allow you to separately adjust the temperature in the zero chamber. In addition, if they are equipped with the No Frost system, then there is a different humidity. This is a special system that prevents the formation of frost and ice on the walls of the refrigerator, pulling moisture from inside the device. Unfortunately, there are some products that don’t stay fresh with this low moisture concentration, so they can be placed in the zero chamber, where a higher level of humidity is specially maintained. Adjustment of this feature is available on select models. Then there are two separate drawers in the zero compartment – a dry one and a wet one – where the appropriate food is placed.

Is a zero chamber necessary?

The zero chamber has a lower temperature and can have a higher humidity than the rest of the appliance. This allows the consumption of fresh products. We’ve all had situations where fruit or vegetables we’ve just bought have started to wilt the next day. The zero chamber was created mainly with such products in mind. Storing them outside the refrigerator or on the other shelves (outside the zero chamber) leads to their rapid deterioration. Therefore, refrigerator manufacturers have created a separate freshness chamber, where such food has a chance to survive a few days longer.

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Although the zero chamber was designed mainly for fruits and vegetables, you can put in it all the products with a short shelf life and a tendency to spoil quickly. Such foods include fish, cold cuts and meat. In refrigerators that have an adjustable humidity level function in the zero compartment, you can separate meat from fruits and vegetables. As a rule, meat does not need as much humidity, so such a division is a very reasonable solution.

Is it worth buying a fridge with a zero chamber?

Choosing the best device is an individual matter, but it is certain that such a refrigerator is a big convenience. This is an investment, the cost of which is about 2 thousand zlotys. Thanks to the zero chamber, we can buy more fresh products. This is an option for supporters of technological solutions that make life easier and lead to an overall improvement in the quality of life.

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